Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Fun

Okay, so maybe not that much fun. I haven't been doing a whole lot all week. Rod has been off work and the joy that comes from that is that I have been able to have a nap whenever I wanted every day. That is soooo nice! I just say i am tired, I go to sleep, and I wake up whenever I want. It rocks. It kinda makes me wish he was off work all the time, but then we'd be homeless.
Let's do a rundown of the week so far:
Saturday-The meat truck at work didn't come in the morning so we had empty shelves with people asking stupid questions like, "Are you sure there's none in the back?" Lady, if the shelf is this empty do you honestly think we have anything in the back? The truck did finally come at 4 pm and I had to downstack the meat pallets by myself.
Sunday-The chicken case started smoking and then sparking right before I had to get off work. Thrills.
Monday- Went to the inlaws to have lunch. Put Aria in pigtails. Aria chased around the dogs, played on the beanbag and was all around cute like Aria's should be.
Tuesday- Grocery shopping day. Also went to JC Penney's where mom bought Aria some cute outfits. I spent $35 on groceries total.
Wednesday- A whole lotta nothing.

I'm on my laptop and so I don't have a lot of pics saved here. I do have some old ones, taken around May or April of last year. Here's one of those cute pics of Aria getting kisses from her grandma. She's so big now that she hardly resembles a little baby girl and is certainly getting to be a toddler.

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