Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today I....had my teeth hurt!

Today I got three cavities filled. That is all okay. The only problem is that when I was eating dinner, I bit down on broccoli and damn did it hurt! It was like one of my fillings either came out or was chipped or something. Well, right now I can only eat on one side of my mouth. It doesn't hurt to brush them or anything else, and they don't look bad. However, something happened because now I can't chew on that side without that shot of pain and I was fine up until dinner. Here is the messed up thing: My actual cavities didn't hurt like this did!

But, I am going to get two more cavities filled next Thursday, so I can wait until then. Yes, I have horrendously bad teeth. I've always had horrendously bad teeth. Sometimes I feel like I should just get dentures now and be done with it.

My poor baby girl is having teeth problems too. Now, when they say that the molars are the worst, I believe them! She just cries and cries and doesn't want anything hard in her mouth. Tylenol isn't helping all that much. She also has a diaper rash from taking a nap with a poop diaper. Therefore she's all kinds of itchy and not happy. Poor little thing. She was crying for about a half hour when it was time to go to bed so I let her have more juice and I rechanged her diaper and put desitin on her. She seemed happy after that so maybe now she will be able to sleep.

Rod may be getting the week of his birthday off work and so we will have a lazy week. It will consist of watching lots of movies. I also plan to get a few naps out of Rod as well.

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