Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Accomplished Today

Lately I've been pretty lazy. I've been tired all the time, unmotivated, and just plan blah. There has been things I've wanted to do, but just never could get off my butt to do it. That changed today. Maybe it was that I finally got to bed before 1am. I actually had more than one night of good sleep this week. Oh, and the state of the house was getting on my nerves.

It also helps that I have flylady posts directed to my mailbox now. That way I have a mission to do every day and that helps me to keep the house in order. It is annoying how it all falls apart so quickly.

Without further ado, things I accomplished today:
1. I cleaned off Rod's desk.
2. I dusted and rearranged Rod's shelves in his room.
3. I moved the pony shelf in my red room and put the ponies all back on it according to set.
4. I sprayed revitalizing oil and wiped down the door leading to the bathroom.
5. I changed the kitty litter (god, I hate that chore)

Random funny Aria thing:
She likes to argue. She must get that from me. She will just argue and laugh as she is doing it for the sake of arguing. It reminds me of my dad. My dad would say something just to get you riled up and then laugh as you get all charged up about it. He was an instigator. So am I. So is my daughter.

Anyway, she was going, "No, mama." "Yes, Aria." "No, Mama." "Yes, Aria." "Yes, Mama." "No, Aria." Then she changes it to, "No, JACQUE!" "YES, Aria!" "No, Jacque." "Yes, Aria." "No, Jacque."

Little stinker she is. I'm trying to teach her "Wabbit season, duck season".

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Was Once Creative.

I recently just googled myself to discover that there are posts that I have made ten years ago still floating around the web. It is a good thing that I am basically a blunt and honest person, or else that could be very embarrassing. However, along with these old posts, I also rediscovered that in some little circles of the web, I used to be famous.

Like, take the Necronomicorn for instance. This is a Grim Reaper character I created ten years ago that has so much of a following that pony collectors halfway around the world know of him. I made three customs that I sent to various people, and he was even mentioned on a gamer girls website once. Nec is by far my most famous creation, and one I hold dear to my heart.

But then there was my Sorceror Hunters fansite. I would write fanfiction to keep at bay the longing for another VHS to be released. I recently discovered that on someone paid me homage to my New Reality series. Awww, that was so long ago. There I introduced the character of Meringue and created an alternate Sorcerer Hunters universe. I wrote lots of fanfiction back then. Sadly, all of those stories left with geocities, who hosted my only two webpages: Sorcerer Hunters Cabana and Beyond Dream Castle.

What can I say about BDC? It was popular enough to be known in the tiny pony community, and yet addictive enough to destroy marriages with its awesome rpg which went on for five years. BDC was so totally me with its different ponies and of course Nec's webpage where there was even more fanfiction and pictures.

Those were the days. Back when the geocities tool made anyone who didn't know html make a pretty decent site. Back when it was free to have your own fanpage. Back when I was still going to conventions and drooling over anime guys that looked like girls and were named after food.

Now I'm older and my obsessions are a bit more mature. Nec is still around, but on message board only. (Well, my shelf too since I do have a custom of the reaper myself.) Anime obsessions have been replaced with Heroes and many episodes of Dora and Diego. I did write one and a half Star Trek 2009 fanfictions which gets a few favorites and reviews. I am sure I will finish the other one once the new movie comes out. I write to feed my obsessions.

The net is a good place to remininsce. I saw photos of myself back when I had bangs and long hair at a pony convention. I saw my old avatars on message boards. I even saw my comment about how disappointed I was when 1 vs 100 got cancelled. I suppose that with the net I will never really have to leave my past. I can just google myself again and again and again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

January and my webshots is renewed!

Yeah, the title has nothing to do with my actual post, but I am happy it is renewed because it means that I can continue to use it and keep my pics.

I bought that spray foam soap that I saw in the store. I thought that Aria would like it. After all, I remember loving it when I was a kid, the whole few times that we got to use it. That was back when my sister and I would take a bath together and play when we were little and cute.

And when she got a big can of spray soap, she chooses to use it to make a big pile of soap and go, "It bigger!" Yes, honey, that's one big pile. She then used the cap to disperse of the soap. She rather liked it turned the water orange. The green one will be used next time.

Yes, Aria is actually playing the drums and no, it isn't on safe mode. Alex is helping her out and Daddy is saving her, but she's really playing. She loves her drum set and she likes to play with the big kids.

More winter activies: Lego Airport. When you've already built a zoo, a house, and homes for the little people animals, then it is time to make an airport. We've got the big control tower there and little airplanes on the right with their planes.


New Favorite song: Firework by Katy Perry. I always said that I liked her voice, now if she would just sing a song that I actually liked. Well, this is that song. Thank you, Katy, I can now actually enjoy you.

Rod got 100% on medium for Heart of Glass on Rockband 3 and issued me a challenge to beat him. Well, then I had to bring my A-game and I got 100% too. Ha ha!

Rod is home today because he ate a rice cake with msg in it. That was totally my bad because I wrongly assumed that because the first three kinds of cakes were fine with no msg that this cheese one would be too. Another reminder I need to read the labels ALL THE TIME for times like this that totally throw you off. It's things like this that make the Celiac diet difficult. It's because you simply cannot trust anything without reading labels and that one you miss will end up being the one to make you sick.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My favorite Ariaisms

Aria has her own little language that is adorable. Here I share my favorites:

Nopen (nope-n):
Meaning not just no, but really really really NO!
ex: "Aria it's time to go to bed." "No." "Yes, go to bed." "No! NO! NOPEN! NOPEN! No bed!"

No either:
Meaning not me either.
"I don't like having my hands be cold." Aria: "No either."

Aria me ____:
This is Aria's way of saying something is hers.
ex: Aria me crackers! Aria me dora panties! Aria me no either (That is not mine either.)

You Need More Eye Drops

I am not entirely sure that food service should be in Aria's future. I don't think she'd be very good at it. For instance, as we are playing the widely popular game "cook", Aria the waitress does not come out to give me more apple juice until I yell that I need more apple juice. She then runs down the hall, squeezes the little cardboard apple juice box to fill my tiny, pink, plastic glass, and immediately runs away again.

Then there is the cooking. You may or may not get what you want, and she always fries it. Aria's kitchen is not for those who expect healthy alternatives or special orders. However, if you want state fair food, Aria's kitchen is perfect for that. She fries corn, peppers, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and muffins. Deep-fried muffins...yummy.

Then, being the devious little girl that she is, she drops the food on the floor, gives it to you, and then the game takes a turn for the worst. See, the corn just out of the frying pan is too hot and so I respond as such as I lift the tiny, yellow cob in my hands and scream that the corn is too hot. She laughs gleefully and when I ask for something else (like chicken for instance) I now get that and corn so that I may hypothetically burn my hands repeatedly. She giggles insanely every time, for Mama burning her fingers on corn is the funniest thing in all the world.

The Doctor game has gotten more complicated now. It is not a bathtime game in which we treat her bath squirter animals for all kinds of ailments like green tongue, tummy aches, ear infections, fever, and Aria's personal favorite pink eye. Dora always needs eye drops. I am pretty sure that she is overprescribing the eye drops as well because she just pours it in the girl's open eyeballs and then goes, "Oh, need more eye drops." Tummy hurt? You need eye drops. Green tongue? Well, you need eye drops. Aria has never before had eye drops.

Not feeling great today. Rod was sick the last few days and he gave his illness to me. Thanks, honey. It's that type of sick where you don't ache, but you are so tired, cold, and then the diarrhea comes. I am waiting until Aria gets the same thing. Then she'll be a little turd to deal with. However, she may also nap very well.

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's January 3rd and I was up at 7am.

Which is insane because I try not to get up that early of my own will.

Rod tried to fix the noise of my computer-the noise that really wasn't bothering me at all. Well, he turned off a few fans and did some things and now my computer smells smoky. Yeah, it smells like smoke. I'm a bit concerned.

Last night there was all kinds of grandpa drama. Jerry called me at work because he wasn't able to get ahold of grandpa for two days. Dean had emailed me before that. So I called mom so she could check on him. She did and he was okay and so I called Jerry back, and I called Dean too. Grandpa's phone didn't work. I guess Uncle Phillip had been trying to reach him too. It makes you a bit nervous when you can't get ahold of an 88 year old man. I am spending the day today attempting to fix grandpa's phone.

My department manager at work asked me if I was good with computers. I thought a moment and I realize that to *real* computer people I am a mere beginner at computers. Just a simple user. To Walmart people.....I told him yes. Yes, I am good with computers. He got a new laptop, doesn't know how to work it. I kinda feel bad when old people learn new technology. They are always so lost. I hope I am not like that when I am old.

Aria is being very articulate. She is using pronouns and everything. This is always a big thing because Aria has always been behind in the language department. I always say that it's no big deal because her talents lie in her motor skills. After all, she helped me cut a potato with a knife...a sharp one! Kept her fingers out of the way and everything. She did better than her mommy who just recently cut her finger on the apple corer. (I so wish I was joking.)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year!

It's a new year, but it just feels like any other day. My sister and her family left my house today, and then I went to work.

Work is frustrating to me because I spend most of my time cleaning up after other people. This really cuts down on my productivity. You can say, "But, Jac, can't you just do that cleaning later?" I wish. The problem with the mess is that the cardboard boxes take up precious L-carts, or floor space that I need to work with and walk on. Then I don't know what product I actually have since the empty boxes are with the full boxes. Then the table I work on is covered, and it's disorganized and not very efficient at all.

Then the frozen/dairy truck came early, which is always fun because then giant, heavy pallets block all of the meat I need to get to. If I am especially ambitious I will climb over the pallets and between them to reach the precious few boxes I can stock. Otherwise I just go, "Fuck it. People don't really need cube steak today."

It was super cute the way that Aria and Gannon played together this time. They got along great as long as toys weren't involved. My child does not share. She would take the item wanted and then she would thrust her face into her cousin's face, widen her eyes, and say in a very serious little toddler girl tone, "Aria me bobo!" Which is Aria talk for, "This is my bobo monkey." The majority of the time was keeping them from fighting and teaching them to share, but when it was time to run around and jump like lunatics, then they got along great!

Aria wanted to say good night to Gannon every night and Gannon looked for Aria every morning. Cousin love is so adorable.

New Year Stuff:
1. First song stuck in my head: Cooler than Me by Mike Posner.
2. First movie watched: A-Team (techinically it was Dec 31st, but who cares?)
3. I drank sparkling grape juice and the next day I took my vitamin and got nauseous, therefore making it very close to almost like a hangover. It totally sucked. Sparkling grape juice totally sucks too. It reminded me why I hate wine.
4. Current Favorite song: Secrets by One Republic
5. Aria's favorite songs: Hey Soul Sister by Train and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.