Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday- She Pooped on Me!

Yes, yes, Aria pooped on me. Now, not in the way that you were thinking. I didn't actually get any poop upon me. No, this is much more funny. Aria was by the coffee table and I was sitting on the floor. We were playing and watching Wiggles. Suddenly, Aria walks over to me and sits on my bent leg. She then commences to clenching her fists, and her face getting all red. That is when I realized...she was pooping! She came all the way over to me so that she could sit on my leg and then make herself poop. When she was done she got back up again and went away.

Rod thought that was hilarious. I thought it was something that he would probably do as a kid and that it was definitely his genes shining through there. I guess that mommies are great.... to poop on!!!

Rod and I went to the Y today for the first time. Well, it was my first time, not his. We also took Aria into the daycare center. Now, I was all kinds of emotional taking her into the daycare. I had a hard time leaving, I started tearing up. Now, this was pathetic because we were only going to be gone an hour! I am going to be the mom who cries on her daughter's first day of school, I know it.

We went on the treadmill. I watched The Wiggles. Yes, I watched the Wiggles while walking on the treadmill. There was nothing else on except some court thing and the Today Show. Rod watched some thing on the History Channel, but I didn't want to fall asleep on a moving treadmill. Anyway, I burned about 80 calories today, which means I can eat a whole Jello pudding cup! Yippee!

When we went back to get Aria she was the only baby there because it was close to closing time. She cried when she saw us. Now, babies are supposed to cry when their parents leave, not when they see them. She was following this one girl around-she must have decided she liked her. The daycare ladies said that she cried a little bit, but mostly was playing. That's good. She will get to play with some other kids a few times a week and Rod and I can be on the treadmills. I will have to write Aria's name on her sippies for her for daycare.

We tried the gluten free pancakes today for Rod. He said that they tasted a lot like french toast and that they were pretty good. His pancakes were actually easier to cook and flip over than the other ones. His pancakes were all pretty. Mine and Ari's looked pretty sad.

Is that a sports bra Aria has around her neck? Why yes, yes it is. This is her new favorite thing to do. She finds one of my bras in the laundry basket and then puts it over her neck and runs around the house in it. I tell her that she doesn't have to worry about wearing one of those for years, but she doesn't listen. She puts her dad's underwear on her head too.

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Stephanie said...

the bra thing is hilarious, you will just have to make sure you have cute underwear around the house. the poop thing is even better at least she didn't really poop on you.