Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Fun!

The weekend was the usual work crap. It is a lot better now that my assistant is on a remodel and we have someone else filling in for him. We like her tons better and she doesn't do stupid ordering. Things are really easy right now. I enjoy it. I've had her as a manager before in Toys and I liked her then too. She's one of my favorites.

We are teaching Aria to put her diaper in the trash. It's very cute. The only problem with that is that she likes to put other things in the trash too. I had to fish out a sippy, an oven mitt, a toy, towels, and other funthings out of the trash.

I love the flylady website! Today I did the 27 things one. I went through my house and I threw away exactly 27 things. I feel better about it already.

Aria has discovered that pulling things off shelves is a great deal of fun! Cleaning up after her takes longer and is more annoying. Luckily, Rod has gotten better. He actually put his dishes in the sink and he picked up after Aria yesterday so I didn't have to. It was very helpful and surprising.

Our gratutitous Aria pic today is of her and her favorite toys: My oven mitts.

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