Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catch up Day Sunday

So Today I went to work and I swore that it felt like a holiday. The ground beef was just flying off the shelf. I spent a half hour doing nothing but putting ground beef on the shelves then I did some pork and the ground beef was all gone again! I ended up going to lunch late and busting my butt to fill things. I was so glad when it was time to go home.

Well, last week I didn't write a blog because I was at my sister's house. Here are some pics from that.

Here is Aria with her 4 month old cousin, Gannon. Look how big Gannon is next to his 14 month cousin! That always impresses me. They wear the same size diapers.

You will drink this bottle now!

This is one of my most favorite pics because Aria looks like it is very serious that he drink that bottle! We thought it was pretty cute that Aria picked up the bottle and was wanting to feed him. She'd put the bottle in his mouth, then take it out, then put it in, and take it out.

This is a very cute pic of Aria with my sister. It was so sweet because Ari hugged my sis while we were down there. She is hugging and kissing more, which is adorable. I love that she is such a sweetie.

While in Kansas Vik and I got impromptu haircuts at Mastercuts. We also visited the town that is just a giant trailer park, and the many thrift stores that we love. I got my trenchcoat at goodwill! I was really thrilled about that because last winter my trenchcoat's sleeve ripped and the liner ripped, and the pockets ripped. I was very upset. Now I have a new trench.

I would say that some of the most fun I had on vacation was sitting on the couch with a laptop in my lap watching TV and laughing at silly things with Vik. Good times.

I have ordered a couple gluten-free cookbooks for Rod's wheat sensitivity. He ate pizza today and now is spending most of the night in the bathroom.

A couple extra things:
*I realized today how awesome my life is that I have never had any guys in my life who have ever given a crap about the superbowl.

*It is time to get a new mattress.

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Vik said...

I am also glad I didn't have to sit thru the torturing superbowl. Kudos to unmanly men! ;)
Yes, sittin' lazily on the couch w/laptops chattin' was the "bestest".