Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday means teeth drilling day

I had my dentist appointment again. He filed down some teeth that were bugging me and replaced my fillings with silver ones since my fillings weren't sealing. Then I got more teeth fixed. I should be done now and the doc said that if I have any more problems with my teeth hurting to just call and they'd give them a good polish.

I also asked about my front teeth and the doc is going to give me and estimate on braces. Wearing braces when I am thirty, I suppose there are worst things-like walking around with the teeth I have now. I am so over the kind of vanity that people have about braces.

Aria was such a good girl yesterday while I went with mom to her eye appointment. She got her eyes dilated so I drove her home because we all know how much it hurts when your eyes are dilated. Luckily she doesn't need a prescription change. We then went to Pamida which will probably be for the last time. The place is closing finally. It was nearly empty when we went in and they were taking down shelves. We got a windshield wiper blade and some snacks. The last purchase at Pamida. We also let baby girl run around. She had a good time just running around all over.

At the eye appointment the waiting room was filled with old people. There had to be a half dozen old people there. There was no one in the waiting room except me and Aria that was under 60. Just white hair and wrinkles as far as the eye could see. One good thing about old people is that they love babies! They kept saying stuff like, "She knows I'm a grandma" when Aria would walk up to them. There were megablocks there and that kept Aria interested so I didn't have to chase her all over the place.