Friday, January 6, 2012

365 days, swear I'm doing it!

I have been slacking here, but I'm doing it fine on facebook. It's a lot less time to log into facebook and load up pictures there. Here it takes too much messing around with stuff. That and they always put your pics in your blog in reverse order and I have to spend time copying and pasting in the correct order. How dumb is that?

Anyway, a lot of the pics I've taken is on the computer that is currently overheating, so instead you've got these.

Jan something or other. The Walgreen's freezers were down, but they kept everything in. I bet that was gross after a few hours.

Jan 6th.

Rod got a haircut at the his new barber. The woman he always went to before had retired. This guy isn't as precise. His barbershop has nothing newer than 1986, and all the old guys sat around talking about politics, but it gets the job done.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan 2

I am picking two pictures today, though they are not in order of when I took them. Today we went forth with Christmas money to Davenport to spend it. Aria spent hers at Gamestop and bought a Dora cooking game for her Nintendo DS. We also bought some extra styluses and a case for her DS and games. Afterwards we went to Toys R Us where much fun was had and she bought a giraffe to add to her extensive collection of giraffes. We now officially have a herd.

This pic is from when we went bowling:

Aria's style was she would throw the ball. It would make a horrible clunk down the lane and then roll painfully slowly onward until it would knock down anywhere from 1 to 4 balls. Oddly enough this strategy only put her 4 points behind Mama. This is the point where she threw the ball and it got stuck between the bumper rail and the gutter.

This picture was taken in Starbucks at Barnes and Noble. Rod went in to get himself a new controller for the Xbox360. We stayed in B&N to have a caramel frappachino, a coconut velvet cupcake, and a water. Aria wanted them to write her name on her water like they did my name on mine. She also said that the bag held grass for her giraffe to eat.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Day Project

I am going to try to partake on the 365 day project. It will make me take at least one pic a day, no matter how uneventful and boring it is, and therefore capture memories that I would have otherwise forgotten. Big fat wheee!

But first some firsts:

first song heard of the new year: Hot Shelle Rae's "Tonight Tonight"
first show watched: How I Met Your Mother
current favorite song: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
last movie watched of 2011: MacGruber

And now the pic: Jan 1st.

This is Rod and Alex playing Call of Duty at about 9pm. Today they went to a Heroclix tournament. Rod won. He was undefeated. He won about $90 worth of stuff. That justifies the $25 fee to play.

Mary watched Aria today. Aria had a good time. She said they played dominoes and singing. I worked today. It sucked, but it wasn't busy so I cleaned the meat cases and avoided unloading frozen/dairy truck. Score!