Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Walks

Today Aria and I went outside. Now, she hasn't been outside much in her short, little life. Therefore the yard was brand new territory for her. Especially since now it wasn't covered in that cold, white stuff and is now covered in wet, cold stuff and it is brown.
She had a good time walking up and down the yard. That's what she did for a good fifteen minutes or so-just take the same path up and down the yard. She didn't want to touch anything or pick up anything. She didn't want to climb anything; just walk up and down the yard. It was very funny.

We did start a walk down the alley in which I had to keep her from going into other people's yards. She stomped some snow and all was well until she fell and scraped her little hand on the gravel. It was bleeding some and she was crying so we went home. I washed her wound and put a bandaid on it which was immediately pulled off. No big deal, she was nearly done bleeding anyway. The rest of the bandaid box ended up on the floor.

So I can't wait until warmer weather so that I can let Aria walk around freely more. I really wish I had a privacy fence, then I could get all sorts of playskool climbing stuff for her to play in. That stuff is expensive, I know, so I will have to look at yard sales and stuff for that.

I also can't wait for yardsale season again. I will go on Friday mornings instead of Saturday. It will rock. It may be something mom and I can do. I may also actually learn the streets where I live. How sad is it that I have lived in this town for 10 years and I have no clue where half of the stuff is.

Here's my stinker outside. Shewas walking along well and didn't fall that much. I was pretty happy about that.

I love how curly her hair is just after a bath.

Other things of note:

I am totally addicted to Bingo Luau in Pogo games. I have been playing for hours every day. This is crazy because I was the kid who hated bingo in school. I mean it. I used to hate participating in those games in elementary so much that when I actually did get a bingo I wouldn't say anything. That's right, I did nothing. I was too shy to speak out and too shy to even call out bingo and win a candy bar. Same with the game Heads Up 7up. I would purposefully put my finger down myself just so that I wouldn't get picked. I did all sorts of things to avoid participating in anything.

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Vik said...

Dude that was the bingo game me and Heather were addicted to! I never won.
Aria's hair is pretty with thw curl.