Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Day!

Today Mom, Aria, and I went to Iowa City. There was no real reason to go except for I just felt like doing it. It was a pretty darn good day.

The first place we went to was Stuff, Inc. I love that store so much. I got myself a MLP, and I got Aria another Potato Head. I also bought Let's Go Fishing because that is one game that I think Aria will really enjoy playing. I remember that we had one at Grandpa's when we were little, and I am pretty sure we lost most of the fish.

I also got Aria shirts for summer, which she really needed. After going through her shirts I saw that I had almost no shirts for her. Of course I was smart and instead of looking in the toddler section I was buying the XS in little girls because that will probably fit her next year too. Mom was doing good letting Aria look at the toys longer while I was looking at clothes.

Then we went to the CoralRidge Mall so that Aria could play in the play area. She loves doing that and she always manages to find one kid that she plays with. While she was doing that, I went to Old Navy and managed to find her another shirt, and two for Gannon. They were only $5 each and so I couldn't pass it up.

Then we had lunch at the Old Country Buffet. Aria was pretty good all day, but you could tell she was starting to get tired because she didn't want to sit in her seat at all. She also didn't eat all of her food.

I found my account number for Stuff and so I need to take in some things for consignment. My boxes are starting to pile up high.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lemonade and Watermelon.

Awwww, that there lemonade is good!

It is currently 93 degrees outside. That's hot enough I decided to forgo the much needed lawn mowing and little girl didn't even really want to swing outside. Instead we opted to have watermelon and mama's world famous lemonade at the patio table for awhile.

We listened to the music on my phone and Aria's favorite songs are Hey Soul Sister and Bad Romance. She calls them "Aria's songs". Because everything she likes, she owns.

Since she likes looking at pictures of herself she actually posed for me and so I got some cute shots of my little girl. I especially like the one above. That's a shot that says, "See that pretty little girl. Yeah, she's mine."

Lemonade and watermelon, mmmmmmmmmm.

I just signed up mom for direct deposit for her check. She's been wanting me to do so, but we always didn't have the right info. On a hunch I decided to see if I could find the routing number of our bank online. I could! Yay! So that is all set up now, which means that I won't have to deal with mom coming to my house on the 3rd of every month just to sit in a chair and complain about why the mail hasn't come yet.

On another note, I got a Great Iowa Treasure Hunt thing in the mail and I have almost $400 just waiting for me. Whoo hooo! We are going to spend it on the Mother's and Father's day presents that we haven't yet gotten. Namely, fans for my computer so it doesn't overheat and a kindle most likely.

For those of you interested:

Jac's Worldclass Lemonade.

2 cups of lemon juice
2 cups of sugar
1 lemon, cut in half, squeeze juice out of both sides into the gallon pitcher and then just throw the lemon pieces in there.
Fill with water and stir.

It tastes like state fair lemonade. It's awesome. Sometimes I like to throw in strawberries or some raspberry syrup.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a thursday!

Coffee does wondrous things, like give me ability to actually fix things that bug the crap out of me. For instance, I have a wall in my living room of family pictures. The layout was ugly, totally unpleasing to the eye. That's because I just put the pictures wherever. I changed it now so that it is a more pleasing arrangement. Now I can look at that wall and think, "Aw, that's better" and not "What and ugly piece of crap."

I also took Aria's books upstairs. Most of her books were in her bed anyway. There was no need to keep going up and down the stairs for books, we read to her in her room anyway. Now the books are in her room and there is more room in the playroom. Aria likes having her books up there because now she can look at multiple books and throw them on the floor!

I'm still battling the cat hair war. Milphey sheds a whole new cat about every week. I am wearing bandages on my fingers to keep the rashes from rubbing together. I have rashes on my legs and my hand. The good news is that it is starting to clear up now. The bad news is that Milphey isn't done shedding. I have to wash blankets, pillows, and vacuum every few days.

Inko's Blueberry white tea is okay, but it's no Gold Peak.

It's lemonade season! I gave out my lemonade recipe today. Can you believe it? I am a person that people ask recipes of! Yeah, I can't believe it myself. Freakin' crazy.