Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aria do you have to pee?

"Aria, do you have to pee?"
"No. I pee in bath tub."


Today Rod took Aria to his mom's house so that I could be alone when I clean and cook for Thanksgiving. This worked out very well and mom came down to help me. While we would make something and it was in the oven, we would spend the baking time picking up so we were able to do two things at once.

The following injuries occurred:

1. I cut my thumb on the metal lid of the canned pumpkin. It bled all over the towel I wrapped around it for pressure. I put two bandaids on it and currently it hurts to press the shift key. It doesn't look too bad right now. I'll live.

2. I burned myself touching a pan.Brilliant.

3. Mom cut herself while chopping celery. I told her to use the cutting board.

The Thanksgiving Day menu looks like this:

1.Pumpkin bread
2. Sweet potatoes
3. Cornbread
4. Stuffing
5. Turkey
6. Cherry salad
7. Cranberry sauce
8. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
9. Biscuits.
10. Leftover brownies.

The best part? Everything but the biscuits is gluten free. I rule! Rod has never eaten any of my Thanksgiving Day food. I told him to prepare for how awesome I am.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Festival of Trees 2010

My mom, Aria, and I went to the Festival of Trees today in the Quads. It is always a good time. The first spectacular thing is the gigantic tree of stuffed animals. Aria's favorite thing on the tree was all of the horses. She walked around it and pointed out every horse. She also would not sit still and look at me for a picture.

The next stop was the gingerbread houses. Aria wanted to touch them, so I had to keep her back. Then she was satisfied to look as we pointed out all of the different kinds of candy. "Look, there's m&m's on the roof". "Look, there's candy canes". She was pretty impressed that you can make houses out of candy. She wants to make one too. I will probably oblige when Gannon comes down. They can do it together.

Then we looked at trees, which Aria wanted to touch all of the presentations. Trying to not have a three year old touch things is hard. I had to explain to her that the toys there were just there for pretty. She couldn't comprehend there being toys about and they are not to play with!

I was very proud of the girl in that she told me that she had to pee, then we went in the bathroom and she went right there. We brought along her potty seat like we always do now and she's been really good at telling us when she has to go while we are out. No accidents today. We took two potty breaks and she was good every time. Even always remembered to wash her hands.

Then there was the train set, which was Aria's absolute favorite thing. She could have stood there and watched that train set all day long. It was impressive. It had five trains going in all directions at once. At the top was a Santa village and a train that went around with Santa on it. Then another train at the bottom stopped for passengers. Another one went in a tunnel. Still another one looked like it had steam coming from the engine. It was a fun train.

We then went to the kid's part of things and this year I was smart and brought cash. I got two punch cards for Aria so she could do four activities. The first thing she did was go to storytime. She was so about storytime. When the lady would ask questions Aria was the first to answer. When the lady asked what book to read, Aria was giving her opinions. She actually sat and listened to three stories before her attention span wavered.

She also loved the activities. I tried to pick things that she'd be able to do because most of the stuff was geared towards bigger kids. The first one was a stamp ornament. You used your thumb to stamp out a pattern and then you used markers to color it in. Aria made a butterfly (with some help from mama) and was very proud of her creation. So much that she was showing the nice lady that was cleaning the floors.

The second one was similar. You decorated mittens with stamps, stickers, or markers. Aria had fun with the stamps there too and was very proud of her creation. She also got a sucker, a little treasure, and she got some popcorn and juice. The popcorn was just in a little bag and so it was her baby popcorn.

This year they had a small corner set up for little kids under 4 to play for free. It had big blocks, a bean throwing game, crayons, and little fisher price basketball hoops. Aria had a good time there too and got to run off some steam.

Then we ate. They had a restaurant come in with some tables along the skywalk and they were serving food. Therefore we got to sit along the skywalk while we ate. We had really yummy shrimp bisque and brownies. We all thought it was delicious. Then it rained so we watched it rain on the people below us while we sat at our comfy table at the skywalk. That was probably the highlight of my day:shrimp, skywalk table, rain.

We looked around a bit more and then both Aria and mom were exhausted so we headed home. It was a good time and Aria was pretty good except the incidents where she wanted to touch everything there.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Evening With Aria.

Watching movies with Aria right before bed is one of the most fun things ever. We've done it twice now. The first time it was with Care Bears and now the second time is Bob the Builder. Usually she doesn't want to see anything but Dora, but if I tell her that we will be eating ice cream, and she can stay up late, then she was all about it. She even started stripping as soon as she could so that she could have her bath early!

It is fun watching new things with Aria because if it is something that she hasn't seen a million times she is glued to it. It was Bob the Builder and the Golden Hammer and it was cute watching Aria try to figure out the clues and making comments about the things on the screen. She sat with me on the couch underneath the blanket and a bunch of her stuffed animals were all around us.

Then it was potty break and she went to bed with no problem!

I've got a few more movies lined up for us to watch sometime next week.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is it Tuesday? Wait, yeah, it is Tuesday.

I don't want to say that Aria is potty trained because she's still having accidents. Some days she'll have absolutely none at all and then the next day she'll make up for it by having me have to clean every one of the stuffed animals she has in her bed. Today was one of those days and that poor horse has been washed so much he now has a horsey afro.

But surprisingly she hasn't had an accident any time we've been in the store, which is what I am prepared for. If I forgot one thing, like wipes or a pair of pants, that would be the day she would pee on the floor of walmart. So far so good.

Aria and I made an epic zoo with her animals, little people, and blocks.

As you can see, the little people children all love the zoo. We have giraffes, a panda, many horses, geese, ducks, a porcupine, and a rabbit in our zoo. We also have a park, and a train.

Even Percy enjoys our zoo.

Aria and I have been playing several games in bed. All of these games are classics like, "Hey what is this bump in the bed? Hey, it's Aria!" or the ever famous "Where is Aria? I can't find her under this blanket or this one...oh there she is!" also there are many waking up games that involves Aria pretend snoring which is just hilarious.

Here is Aria pretending to sleep on the couch.

She's also been really good about going to bed lately, let's hope that continues.

Aria has made it known that she no longer wants to be tickled. She runs way from her daddy when he comes home because he'd always chase her and then tickle her first thing. I told Rod about it and he has agreed to stop tickling. Now when he comes home Aria yells, "No tickle! No tickle!" and when we say that no one will tickle her, then she is all right. I don't blame the little girl, I hate being tickled too. I don't laugh, though, I kick and scream.

Aria quote of the day: "Heh heh...Aria funny."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

11 Things Thursday

1. Had another accident with potty training this time. this time it was in her car seat. We stopped at two places in Davenport for a potty break and she didn't pee anywhere. then she is in her car seat and she goes. The good news is she didn't pee in her bed for naps and waited until she got downstairs to pee in her potty.

2. Although she seems perfectly all right to pee in her pants, she doesn't like to poop anywhere but the potty. This is the exact opposite from everyone else I've talked to. In fact, she's quite proud to poop in the potty, but she totally doesn't care if she has pee running down her legs.

3. The new game now is that Aria wants to save everything. She'll put on her firehat, get on her Winnie the Pooh fire truck, and then go save some random stuffed animal. "Giraffe, I save you!" "Oh no! Horsey stuck! I save you!" Firefighter Aria to the rescue!

4. All of her animals are her friends and in the bath she says hello to each and every bath toy.

5. Her stuffed doggie was leaking beads so I am being mommy of the year putting each bead back inside and then sewing him up. I promised my little girl that doggie would be fixed in the morning.

6. Tomorrow is Aria's first gymnastics class. I hope she enjoys it. I've been psyching her up for it and I keep reminding her she has to listen and behave.

7. I love my kitchen now. I used to hate my kitchen. Now I am loving it. It still needs work but it is 100% better than what it was.

8. I need to have parties at my house all the time because it motivates me to clean up.

9. I need to go to bed early tonight, but I know I won't.

10. I am totally addicted to starbucks coffee.

11. I was at the bank and Aria saw the fish and was just talking. The teller goes, "She talks a lot, doesn't she?" I said, "She never stops unless she's sleeping."