Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Edition

So I am all nervous because even though I looked three or four times on the board and my name wasn't there, I keep thinking that somehow when I don't go into work that I will be in trouble and will be a no call no show or something. But, I looked and so did other people I was with and they didn't see my name either. I'm just all paranoid because having the weekend off at this time is just too good to be true.

You know what I love to make? cherry hot chocolate in my cocomotion machine. I just make hot chocolate with extra milk and syrup. then I open a bottle of marachino cherries and pour the juice right in it. Then it tastes like a tasty chocolate covered cherry. Boy do I love chocolate covered cherries. This cocomotion thing was worth the $7 I paid for it on clearance. I am using it a lot this year.

Made spicy oven roasted chicken with red potatoes and celery for dinner today. Rod has been saying that I am a real cook now with spices and everything. He even brags to work what he gets to eat for dinner. It makes me feel good because he used to tell people that I burned water and now he says I make some things better than anyone else. Makes me all happy.

Aria is really loving the yogurt. It is also something she can semi-eat herself. It is just thick enough to not immediately fall off her spoon before it gets to her mouth. That doesn't stop her from just dumping it on the floor and rubbing her spoon in it, however.

Luckily I am always around with a bottle of Resolve and a sponge.

Today, since Rod did not go to the Y with me I went on Netflix and I did this 15 minute dance tempo workout. It was supposed to cater to 'Busy women with no time to exercise." I take that to mean, "People like Jac who can only stand to exercise for 15 minutes." I put the baby up for a nap, made a big glass of ovaltine, and 15 minute dance tempo'd!

There are two things that I realized while doing this exercise video. The first one is that I can't dance. I have no rhythm at all. I dance like a white girl. While the girls in the video are all gracefully shaking their hips and doing the steps, I'm tripping over my own feet. I'm so stiff and I have no fluidity. It's really kinda sad. This is why I don't dance seriously. I know I am not at all good.

The second thing that I realized is that 15 minutes of exercise makes me really sweaty. I was hot and done by then. I also downed that entire glass of ovaltine. I remember one thing about high school physical education and that was even though you had one water fountain in the gym you never had much opportunity to actually use it. I remember being dehydrated almost all the time. I drink A LOT! Probably just another reason I hated high school PE.

After my exercise routine I took a shower and then I ate a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I was feeling pretty good about myself and then I went to Culver's, had a butterburger, and ruined everything.

The video above is a video of me chasing Aria around the house. Notice that she is very horror movielike in that she always turns around to see if I am still chasing her and then she falls over. She always takes the same path. Ignore my redundant cries of "I'm gonna get you!" to instead concentrate on her grin and her laugh. Babies love being chased.

Things of note:

1. Culver's Butterburger has 31 grams of fat! Argh!

2. It pays to have more than one checking account.

3. Of the Wiggles, I like Greg better than Sam. I'm sorry, but I do.

4. Brownies are about one egg away from just being cake.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Edition

Today I woke up with a migraine. Of course I didn't think it was one at the time. I thought maybe it was eye strain. So I took some aspirin. Then I took some ibuprofen when it wasn't working. Then after three hours I put the baby to nap early and tried to sleep it off. After a half hour I knew for sure it was a migraine. I could feel it all over my head and I could barely function. Rod was up reading and I asked him to go get me some migraine medicine. He thought it was a sinus headache and I said, no. It was a migraine.

So he went to drugtown to get me some medicine and while he was gone the pain was so bad that I started crying. I had the blankets over my face to hide the light. I think I was getting a fever. Luckily, Rod wasn't too long and I had my medicine. I tried to sleep then but the headache kept waking me up. After an hour it was nearly gone and I took another one to finish the migraine off.

Now I am hyped up on the caffeine that the pills had, plus the caffeine that was in my three glasses of tea. I am totally HYPED! I found cases for all of the DVD's left out. I pulled the trash, did a load of laundry, played with the baby and then sorted through the old CD roms that were on the shelf in Rod's computer room. Therefore I have a list of the oldness that I think some of you will appreciate.

Dabbler 2, painting program. Requirements: Windows 91 or 95

Doom, year 1992

Titanic, windows 95 or 3.1

Mad Dog McCree, DOS 3.3 or IBM 386 Mhtz

Bodyworks 1993, Windows 3.1 and 4 mb of ram

Bedlam, DOS 6.0 or Windows 95

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Win 95

3D Home Architect, 1995

Desktop Themes 98, Windows 95

Crazy, huh?

Our gratutitous Aria pic of the day is her playing with her daddy. I think this is such a sweet pic. She loves her daddy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Edition

Today my mom called me again with ignorant stuff. Sometimes my mom just really pisses me off. When I hear the phone and see it is from her, often I don't even want to get it, especially if she calls me several times a day. Then I know it is really stupid.

Today mom called me because she took her car to get fixed. Now, she said it cost $42 because it needed some coolant in it. I asked her if the car was overheating. She said no. So I asked her why she needed coolant in it. Well, because the guy said so. So I asked her if while she was there she got her door fixed. No, she didn't. Why not? Because the guy had been in an accident and was taking painpills and she didn't want him to have to do his job and fix it.

My mom is always making up something that is wrong with her car and completely ignoring what is really wrong with her car. For instance, she always says the tires are low. the tires are fine. I ask her if she used the tire gauge. No, she didn't, but it's low. She's constantly putting air in the tires.

She always says the brakes won't work. Now I drive her car a lot myself and her brakes are fine. they are more than fine. I have driven cars that the brakes don't work. Hers are fine. There's nothing at all wrong with her brakes.

What is wrong with her car? She has no radio at all. Her heater only works on the highest fan or not at all and her door handle is broke so she can only open it from the outside. However, she instead wants to deal with all of these made up things wrong with her car like her nonexistant coolant problem instead of, say, getting the door fixed.

Sometimes I could strangle that woman.

She is also complaining because I want her to get her taxes done again this year. Well, excuse me if I want her to qualify for a stimulus again this year. Geez!

Today Aria was in rare bad girl form. Her annoyance this time was she kept getting behind the coffee table to push all of the buttons on every electronic thing there. I would tell her no then move her away from it and she would immediately go back. She also threw her baby fits. Her baby fits are kinda funny. She lays herself carefully down on her back and then she cries pitifully. I was ignoring her and I went into the other room so she followed me in order for me to really see her baby fit. I thought that was funny.

Here is a video of Rod playing with Aria at dinner. I love to hear her laugh. She has the cutest laugh ever.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Edition.

Today I spent a whole $20 on groceries. I got diapers, milk, bread, hair dye, and butter. Can you find the frivolous purchase?

Today I watched two netflix movies on the xbox 360. One of them was an Indian romantic comedy called My Faraway Bride. Now, I am really beginning to like Indian romantic comedies. I've seen a good handful of them now and they kind of follow the following themes.

The first one is usually about a woman who falls in love with a man from America but can't marry him because of the arranged marriage her parents have arranged.

The second one is about the arranged marriage that learn to love each other over time.

And the third one is about the man from America who comes to India and falls in love with a woman there, therefore leaving everything that he knows in order to marry the Indian girl of his dreams if her parents accept him because he is never good or rich enough.

There you have it, the three main themes. All of them are pretty interesting and I believe I am learning about Indian culture as I watch them. I also notice that there is a lot of singing and dancing in them. Singing and dancing are very important. The one that I watched today followed the first theme. Of course at the end the girl married the American man with her parents blessing because even though they were an arranged marriage they want their own daughter to find true love.

Now I am actively looking for Indian romantic comedies to watch.

Aria is kissing! She's being such an affectionate little sweetie. She kissed her daddy one day and today she kissed me on the cheek. We were all giving hugs and kisses and I guess she wanted in on it. It's so cute because she just opens her mouth and then leans forward and puts her mouth on you. She kissed me in the store today. It is just the sweetest!

We have found that our method of discipline is working on Aria. I noticed that she stopped trying to crawl on the coffee table. She was hardcore trying to climb on that coffee table but we kept telling her no, that she can't climb on the coffee table, then taking her away from it. She'd throw her little fit and then we'd keep doing that. Well, now she doesn't climb on it anymore. Therefore we know that method works! Yay!

This gratuitous pic is Aria giggling as daddy roughhouses with her. Oh, so much fun!

I don't know how she got her arm out of the sleeve and yet kept it in the sleeves of the jumper over it, but this is pretty talented.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Today I...Sunday Edition.

I am not on next week's schedule. My name isn't even on there. It looks like my assistant manager forgot to put me in. It just so happens that it is the week that Rod and I are going to Kansas to see my sister. Therefore I am not going to tell anyone that I am not on the schedule because it means we can go to Kansas two days sooner than we were supposed to. I was a bit nervous and had to check the next schedule to see if I was on that one. Yep, I'm on that one so he just overlooked me for one week. A lovely coincidence that is.

Poor little Aria is teething. We figure that has to be why she is so cranky, has a slight fever, and doesn't want to eat but is otherwise acting just fine. She has one tooth that popped up thru her gums to make nine and since teeth come in pairs we figure her crankiness is coming from the tenth tooth which should be making its appearance any day now. Baby Tylenol is our friend.

Today I wanted to go home early and so I finished everything that I had to do and saw my assistant manager. I asked him if I could leave and naturally, since they are cutting hours, he was looking for things for me to do. Since he couldn't find anything in my own department for me to do I had to clean the floor of the beer room before I could leave. That meant I went home at nearly usual time anyway. I like to say that he puts the Ass in assistant.

Today I had my hairstyle magazine and was picking out haircuts for everyone at the breakroom table. One lady commented that since I am always all about hair that I should just go to beauty school. So I told her that I'd love to except there's this little thing called money that I don't have. If I didn't have things like a house or truck payment then maybe I would consider something like that. I do have those things though.

Your gratutious Aria pic today is the pic taken at the Holladay Thanksgiving. It's a three generation pic! On the left we have Todd, my sister's husband with his little boy Gannon. Then we have our mother in law Mary and my husband Rod is holding Aria. In these pics you can really see how the guys look so much like their mom and how each of the babies looks so very much like their dads.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So Today I...Friday Edition

There are good and bad things about Rod not coming home for dinner on Fridays. The good things are as follows...

He doesn't make a mess. Rod is the messiest person ever. Sometimes I swear I have two kids. Now, I am not the cleanest person myself. I don't like cleaning, and I have a lot of clutter everywhere. However, my husband makes me look neat. He throws just everything on the floor without a single thought to putting it somewhere like....a table. When he comes home for dinner he leaves his ear plugs, tracks snow and mud in the house, and wants to be waited on. I always tell him to get his own stuff.

I don't have to rush. When he comes home for dinner I have to think about what to have and actually make it. I am on a time limit because he comes home for dinner at the same time every day. If dinner isn't ready on time, he can't eat it and so there is this pressure to get things done on time and I am not good with time limits. That's why I hate playing video games where you have to accomplish something in a set amount of time.

I have food. Rod eats a lot. He also eats more than his fair share sometimes if you do not tell him to save some or if you don't go first. If he doesnt' eat at home then the only person I have to save anything for is the baby. I buy her bananas-Rod eats them all. I buy cereal-Rod eats it all. I know he learned this bad and selfish habit from his dad.

There are bad things as well and they are as follows...

It messes up my schedule. Every day I have time set aside for dinner and when he doesnt' come home it messes me up for two hours. I get bored. I don't know what to do with myself. I find myself watching the time.

It costs money. The reason he doesn't come home on Fridays is because he's eating with his friends from work out somewhere. This costs us money. They don't go to McDonald's, oh no. they go somewhere it costs us $10 a plate. If he is eating out I know it is costing us food and gas money.

He doesn't get to see the baby much that day. Aria grins and looks for him when he opens the door. On Fridays she doesn't get to see her daddy for dinner. It's just her and mommy and she sees mommy all the time. Besides, I can't make him do her diaper before she goes to bed so that I don't have to.

And there we have the pros and cons of Rod eating out on Fridays.

Friday, January 16, 2009

So Today I...Thursday Edition

Thursday was just really freaking cold. I mean COLD! We had huge drafts coming in our doors which made the entire downstairs 63 degrees. Aria and I played upstairs for the duration of this cold. I stuffed plastic bags in the cracks of the door and stuffed towels at the bottom of the doors, but that only raised the downstairs to about 66 degrees. Then I cooked supper and having the oven on helped quite a bit.

Upstairs Aria and I played with my ponies, listened to the Wiggles, played Peekaboo and I did a photoshoot with her and her dress.

This is the dress that Vickie bought her. It's a halter dress that is yellow and has a belt. Now, looking at this dress off her I found myself going, "Oh god. That's ugly." However, on her it is adorable. She kind of has a Marilyn Monroe thing going on there. If only it wasn't too cold to run the fan we could have some hair blowing.

When Aria took her naps I played some sims2. I have so much custom content now that it is getting slower to load. Therefore I turn it on, go downstairs, get myself something to eat and it's loaded by then. It's almost as if I have dialup.

I was not proud of the meal that I cooked for dinner. I was going to make this grilled honey pork chops, but it seemed like it was more soy sauce than honey. It didn't make it very sweet at all. It also took forever to grill, which annoyed me because I can't run my microwave and my George Foreman at the same time or else it flips a breaker. The potatoes had to cook a lot longer than I thought it would too and I ran out of butter. Rod didn't complain about the dinner and said it was all good, but I was so upset that it didn't turn out how I wanted that I didn't eat anything but broccoli and pineapple cake (which I had dropped and dumped half on the ground prior to baking.)

Rod was so cold that he wants to buy winter gear. I told him 'good luck' since most winter gear is being clearanced out now. He had worn a jacket beneath his coat and had been outside a lot at work. This is the first year that he is actually going to wear a scarf or something. He also has really dry skin this year which me has me put lotion on him because he won't touch lotion with his hands. He says he dislikes it. He's very silly and I don't understand at all how you can have lotion on your arms, legs, face, but be unable to touch it with your hands. Makes no sense at all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today I...Tuesday Edition

Today was a pretty decent day. After the snow and everything it didnt' seem like Heidi and I would be able to go to Davenport today but it was fairly nice out and so we did. Even though I don't have any money to really take a shopping excursion I went anyway just to get out of the house. I haven't been to Davenport in awhile and now that I know what clothes are coming out for spring I may just ask for money to go clothes shopping for Mother's Day.

Heidi got a lot of clothes and I let Aria walk around as much as possible. She likes to walk right up to people and talk to them. For the most part this is okay because lots of people like little babies. I still don't like to have her bugging people because I remember how much I hated that before I had Aria and really still do. I don't think every kid is cute and I don't want other people's kids bugging me. Aria chose certain people in JC Penneys and Maurice's that she wanted to follow around for awhile.

She was pretty good and I kept her in the food. We rented one of those car strollers and she really liked it. I think it was fun for her to turn the wheel. It is pretty hard to navigate in tiny stores though. I should have brought my own stroller but I didn't want to deal with getting it in and out of the trunk and whatnot.

It wasn't at all busy when we went shopping. That was nice because we didn't have to wait for anything and everyone was extra helpful. When there isn't a lot of people and stress, salespeople are a lot more helpful and in better moods. We didn't get any bad service at all and we saw some really good deals too. All in all a successful day.

Aria did start to get tired near the end when we had just a couple places to go to get Heidi's mom's coffee and cat food. She crawled out of the cart at Target and fell on the floor which scared me and her more than it actually hurt her. It scared her enough that she puked a little and I cleaned her up, but after a minute or two she was dancing to the songs on the speaker again. I felt so bad for the little girl. I was looking at My Little Ponies at the time and she must have been crawling out of the cart then because she is too short to actually lean over the cart. Either way, that part was not a good time. It was also the first time that I was that mom in the store with the child who kept screaming. Luckily that only lasted a couple of minutes. Whew!

Gratutitous Aria pic. Daddy is letting Aria play with the controller while he attempts to shut his eyes. Neither of these things lasted very long. However it looks like Aria is playing her dad's game while he rests. "Dont' worry, Dad. I'll level up for ya while you sleep."

Weather: Started off halfway decent then started to get wicked cold again. No snow.
Of Note: Steak and Shake is great and so is chocolate coke.
Also worth mentioning: Maurice's 50% off sale rocks!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today I...Monday Edition.

Today was a pretty productive day for me. First I paid my car insurance. Bye, bye money. After that I went grocery shopping with my mom. Now, my goal was to look specifically for items that were under $1 so that I could make the most of the money I had in my wallet. I was not successful. It was as if groceries jumped in price during the night! Everything was so much more expensive than I last remembered it and I worked yesterday! I didn't have any decent coupons or competitor ads either and so I did not get any good savings. I did get more spices to add to my collection so that I can make even more Rachel Ray recipes.

Then, when Aria took her first nap I did a load of laundry and then went into my bedroom for my project. See, I like to rearrange furniture every once in awhile. It helps me clean, dust, give me a little variety, and I just plain get tired of the way things look after awhile. I've always been this way. I used to rearrange my bedroom as a kid at least once a year.

Anyway, I moved everything just about a foot from where it originally was and then I moved the rocker that was in my red room into the bedroom. Now I have my rocker and ottoman in there as well as a table to hold my laptop. Now for those days I'm feeling particularly lazy I can rock and play on my laptop in my bedroom. Go me.

I've also been collecting lots of garage sale stuff because I plan on having a garage sale in the spring as soon as there are city wide sales. I have a lot of junk to get rid of and it is motivating to get rid of items I am iffy on if I think I may get some money for it. I also have some things I just plain want to get rid of and so there will be a free box at my yard sale.

Aria has been sick the last few days. Today she just wasn't herself. She was cranky, she didn't nap any longer than an hour, and she didn't eat a lot today. She didn't have a fever and she did drink decently so I am not too worried about her being dehydrated. Poor little girl.

Another gratutitous pic of Aria. In this one I let her lick off the beaters of the brownielike cupcakes. As you see, they were very tasty and also makes a great facial.

Weather: Snowy all day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So Today I...Saturday Edition

Today I had a difficult time starting my car. This is the first year that I have had a difficult time starting my car. See, I have a stunningly beautiful purple, rusted, paint chipped 1994 Chevy Cavalier that has gotten me through four winters with not a single problem at all. Now it has chosen this year to decide, "You know what? I don't like any weather under forty degrees so I have decided not to start for you."

It isn't the battery. The battery is brand new. It isn't the alternator. It sounds like it isn't getting gas to the carbuerator. I have to pump it or floor it in order to get it to turn over. I have no problem with it if it is over forty degrees. Moisture in the gas tank? Fuel injection system need cleaned out? Carbuerator? Who knows! All I am positive of is that it will be expensive to fix.

Also today I was completely furious with the coworker that for anonymity purposes I will call Pumpkin. This is an example of how Pumpkin works. Pumpkin will look at the half empty meat case for five minutes with his hands in his pockets. He will then walk to the meat cooler and take out one box, which he will proceed to stock. Then he will stand again with his hands in his pockets. Then he will disappear for twenty minutes at a time and consistently go home an hour or more early. This man makes me angry.

This is what he was doing today. He walked around, played in the freezer for a bit, and then went to the meat rack that I already ran and started rearranging the meat on it. There was no reason to do this. It was not productive in any way. I told him that I had the meat on there exactly as I like it. I like order and I had a different cut of meat on each tray so I knew how much I had of everything. He was messing that up for me! He apologized and then disappeared for twenty minutes.

Evidentally Aria was sick today, which does not surprise me since I was sick yesterday. Rod told me that she threw up twice and took five hours worth of naps. She woke up at 10am today instead of her normal 8:30 am and so she really must not be feeling well. She ate well though and was otherwise in a good mood. She was showing me her new dance moves where she leans to one side until it looks like she's going to topple over and then stomps her feet. Also, she really likes to hear you yell, "Boom!" Cuz she gets all excited about it.

Here is a gratuitous pic of Aria being a little stinker. She decided that taking one or two pens out of our purple storage box was no longer satisfying and took out the entire drawer. She also has the mouse there and her sippy cup as well as her wooden wrench from her toolbox.