Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday is gluten free!

I was correct in assuming I would find gluten free objects at Hy-Vee. However, they are twice as expensive as the wheat stuff. They are also much more complicated. In order to have flour that acts like wheat flour one would have to buy four packages of different $5 wheats like Tapioca, Potato, Brown Rice, and then mix them all together in a certain fashion. that would make that bit of flour cost $25. I wont' even mention the gum you need to get in order to make the baking stuff stick together.

I bought one flour because I thought I would start off light. I also bought some Brown Rice spaghetti, which also cost me around $5. Our grocery bill is going to be bigger than ever before! I bought pancake mix that was gluten free for Rod. He is going to be the only one eating it too cuz it is too expensive to share!

But, in doing so I won major brownie points as a wife for Rod was telling his friends at work how I went to the trouble to look for gluten free stuff for him so he could eat tastiness. I will have to have a breadmaker to make my own breads too. I know I could roll it out myself, but we all know I am too lazy for that kind of thing.

I just hand Aria a bowl of something and a spoon and she pretty much feeds herself now. She's not the neatest, but she gets the majority of food into her mouth. She still wants everything that is on my plate though.

Here is a video of my 4 month old nephew, Gannon, trying to walk to Aria. Vickie is holding him up, but he is taking steps towards Aria. The little stinker can't even roll over both ways, but he wants to walk. He can't even crawl, but he wants to walk.

Other things of note:

*Strawberry grain bars are not as good as the blueberry ones.

*The weather is tricking me. It looks sunny and nice, but it is really frickin' cold!

*I can get How Clean is your House on netflix. Wee! That may inspire me to clean, like, once.

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Vik said...

that video is awesome. :P