Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today I went shopping. Thursday

Today I took Aria to walmart to try to find Rod some more birthday presents. Everything I was looking for him was gone. There was, like, nothing worth getting. I am really not all surprised because I know how our walmart works. It was still disappointing, though.

Aria, however, was bored and looked tired when she was in the cart, but the moment I took her ou of the cart she perked up! She walked around and was babbling to everyone. I followed her around awhile. She had a good time just running around the store for a bit. Then we were standing with the people greeters and Aria bent her forehead down to get a kiss from Joyce. I told Joyce that is how she says she wants a kiss. So Joyce gave her a little kiss. Aria was being such a sweetie to people.

Grandpa came down and wanted his hair cut. I trimmed up what is left of his hair and then he stayed and chatted awhile. Aria was afraid of him at first, but I lured her over to him using a book. Pretty soon she was sitting in grandpa's lap like so.

She was getting tired so she just sat on grandpa's lap while he rocked her. Then he'd tickle her belly, she'd giggle and then put his hand back on her belly so he'd tickle her some more. That girl loves to be tickled.

I put Aria in pigtails today! I have been waiting FOREVER for her hair to be long enough for pigtails. She got a tangle in her hair and I figured if her hair is long enough to tangle then it is long enough for ponytails! I got those tiny little rubber bands at the store then. She was not happy that her mama was messing with her head. She did not even like it when I was just combing the hair upwards. I won the battle, though, and the result is cute pigtails! Rod even thought they were the cutest ever and when he saw them he had to laugh.
I finally broke the plateau! I got on the scale and weighed 169.5. I could just not get under 170, but I finally did! Whoo hoo! Going to the Y is actually doing me some good.

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Vik said...

Finally enough hair for pigtails!