Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Fun Day!

Today I had a good day with my little girl. It didn't start off great. We had bathtime, which is always fun, and we had tasty oatmeal and cereal, which is always good too. However, it was our 15 month appointment and that meant shots.

Aria did not like having to hold still while she got a physical. She also did not like getting her measles shot. The only thing she did like was playing with another 15 month old boy in the waiting room. She saw that boy, walked right up to him, got in his face and went, "AAAHH!" She's so friendly. The little boy was shy, but that did not deter Aria!

Well, Aria is 29 inches and weighs 25 lbs. That puts her in her normal range. She's consistent with her own growth pattern. The doc did tell us to give her more water and less juice. Other than that he was happy with what we were doing for her. He was happy with her food and everything else.

The only concern that I have is that Aria is still not talking. She doesn't consistently say anything. In fact, she isn't even really saying what she has proven to say in the past. By this time she should be saying more words than Dada and Mama, and so we are going to get her a hearing test to see if maybe she can't hear very well. We know she can hear somewhat, but maybe she isn't getting certain sounds or something. Maybe to her all we are saying is babbling noises. I don't know why we never thought of it that way before. Grandpa can't hear unless you yell at him and Dad was deaf in one ear. Evidentally Rod's dad didn't hear well either. She is right on target with everything except the speaking. She just continues to babble incoherently.

We also got the autism checklist and after reading down it, Aria certainly is not autistic!

Well, after getting home, Aria and I played a lot. She's been crying for attention lately so I spent the day playing with her and it was fun. I let her bang on my laptop while I took pics. I also chased her around the house and tickled her and tossed her around like a silly girl. We played with her toys while I had a movie on netflix going. We shared soup for dinner and watched Wiggles. We played a game where I honk everytime she squeezes my nose and I'd point and say, "Nose" and she'd put her nose on my finger.

The absolute cutest thing she did today was she was sitting on my lap while we were watching Wiggles and I had my hand down on her little leg. She grabbed my hand and put it on her knee and then she put her hand on top of mine. It was so sweet. She also gave me kisses today!
She also went to bed really easy today. I think it was because we had sufficient downtime and so she wasn't all hyper and overtired for bed. Also, her nap ended at 3:30 today and so I put her to bed a little early.

Gratutitous Aria pics from today!

I know, it's fuzzy, but I love her expression in this one. Oh, and while at the docs we discovered that tooth number 11 has broken thru!

This is my current favorite pic of her because you not only get to see her bright eyes and smile, but also how long her hair is getting. It also is curly when it is wet, which is adorable. She doesn't get that from me. My hair is stick straight.

Have I mentioned that Aria isn't a fan of stuffed animals? She likes this duck that quacks when you push it, and that's about all. I think she's a duck fan cuz she likes to point at ducks in books and she likes her rubber ducks in her bath as well as the quacking duck. Anyway, every time I put this bear in the chair she would immediately throw it off. Here she is pre-bearthrowing.

Other things of note:

*It is very irritating to have to drink uncold things and only chew with one side of my mouth until next week when I have my dentist appointment.

*The dentist appointments seem to go on forever.

*I can't wait for warmer weather because Aria really needs to do some running around like a little fool outside.

*Rod has a week off in February and one in March because the plant is shutting down. That means lazy family weeks where lots of movies will be watched.

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Vik said...

YAY for silly Aria time! She's quite an el-cutie butt. :D
When are ya all gonna get the hearing test done?
Have fun w/lots of family on Rod's weeks off!