Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday-Valentine's Day Edition

There are a few things I really enjoy about working on Valentine's Day. One of those things is watching the seasonal aisle as the procrastinator's frantically search for a present for their significant other when all of the good stuff is gone. There's just something amusing and satisfying watching some guy sweat at an empty flower case or grumble because all of the clearance jewelry is gone. "Where's all your Valentine's Day stuff!" The people who didn't wait until the last minute bought it all.

Then there are the people who wait until the last minute thinking that we are going to put it all on sale the day of Valentine's Day. Now, from a business standpoint, that's ridiculous. Why mark it down to half price when you know there's going to be plenty of procrastinators that need to buy something the day of and have to get it at full price or else they'll be in big trouble when they get home.

The third thing I like about working Valentine's Day is that after 5pm the store is just full of single people shopping. They have nothing better to do on the day that screams of love. You look around, one person per cart, no one saying anything to each other. No Valentine's Day stuff in their cart. They also shop very very slow because, as mentioned, they have nothing better to do. You can also tell single guys more than you can single women because of what they have in their carts: frozen pizzas, beer, cans of soup, a DVD or game, bag of cookies. You see that and you know this guy is home alone not doing much.

Well, it's President's Day now which means nothing to me except that the banks are closed if I need them for anything. That and I won't get any mail. I don't really care to get mail most of the time cuz all I get is junk mail and the Post. If I am expecting a package or netflix, then that's exciting!

Here is Aria putting on one of my oven mitts. She loves oven mitts. She likes to put one on each hand and run around the house with them. I put one on and I ask her if she is going to help me cook. She takes them out of the drawer and then puts them back in repeatedly. Oven mitts are the best.

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