Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Edition

So I am all nervous because even though I looked three or four times on the board and my name wasn't there, I keep thinking that somehow when I don't go into work that I will be in trouble and will be a no call no show or something. But, I looked and so did other people I was with and they didn't see my name either. I'm just all paranoid because having the weekend off at this time is just too good to be true.

You know what I love to make? cherry hot chocolate in my cocomotion machine. I just make hot chocolate with extra milk and syrup. then I open a bottle of marachino cherries and pour the juice right in it. Then it tastes like a tasty chocolate covered cherry. Boy do I love chocolate covered cherries. This cocomotion thing was worth the $7 I paid for it on clearance. I am using it a lot this year.

Made spicy oven roasted chicken with red potatoes and celery for dinner today. Rod has been saying that I am a real cook now with spices and everything. He even brags to work what he gets to eat for dinner. It makes me feel good because he used to tell people that I burned water and now he says I make some things better than anyone else. Makes me all happy.

Aria is really loving the yogurt. It is also something she can semi-eat herself. It is just thick enough to not immediately fall off her spoon before it gets to her mouth. That doesn't stop her from just dumping it on the floor and rubbing her spoon in it, however.

Luckily I am always around with a bottle of Resolve and a sponge.

Today, since Rod did not go to the Y with me I went on Netflix and I did this 15 minute dance tempo workout. It was supposed to cater to 'Busy women with no time to exercise." I take that to mean, "People like Jac who can only stand to exercise for 15 minutes." I put the baby up for a nap, made a big glass of ovaltine, and 15 minute dance tempo'd!

There are two things that I realized while doing this exercise video. The first one is that I can't dance. I have no rhythm at all. I dance like a white girl. While the girls in the video are all gracefully shaking their hips and doing the steps, I'm tripping over my own feet. I'm so stiff and I have no fluidity. It's really kinda sad. This is why I don't dance seriously. I know I am not at all good.

The second thing that I realized is that 15 minutes of exercise makes me really sweaty. I was hot and done by then. I also downed that entire glass of ovaltine. I remember one thing about high school physical education and that was even though you had one water fountain in the gym you never had much opportunity to actually use it. I remember being dehydrated almost all the time. I drink A LOT! Probably just another reason I hated high school PE.

After my exercise routine I took a shower and then I ate a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I was feeling pretty good about myself and then I went to Culver's, had a butterburger, and ruined everything.

The video above is a video of me chasing Aria around the house. Notice that she is very horror movielike in that she always turns around to see if I am still chasing her and then she falls over. She always takes the same path. Ignore my redundant cries of "I'm gonna get you!" to instead concentrate on her grin and her laugh. Babies love being chased.

Things of note:

1. Culver's Butterburger has 31 grams of fat! Argh!

2. It pays to have more than one checking account.

3. Of the Wiggles, I like Greg better than Sam. I'm sorry, but I do.

4. Brownies are about one egg away from just being cake.

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Stephanie said...

I love spicy chicken especcialy with red potatos, yum it makes me hungry. i agree i have no rythem, the wii fit game has this game where you watch the feet and what steps to take. kind of like dance rythem or what ever that game is. i know they show which foot to use but i still cant get it. that and i dont like work out videos so another reason i like the wii fit they have games that are fun and your working out.