Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Edition

Today my mom called me again with ignorant stuff. Sometimes my mom just really pisses me off. When I hear the phone and see it is from her, often I don't even want to get it, especially if she calls me several times a day. Then I know it is really stupid.

Today mom called me because she took her car to get fixed. Now, she said it cost $42 because it needed some coolant in it. I asked her if the car was overheating. She said no. So I asked her why she needed coolant in it. Well, because the guy said so. So I asked her if while she was there she got her door fixed. No, she didn't. Why not? Because the guy had been in an accident and was taking painpills and she didn't want him to have to do his job and fix it.

My mom is always making up something that is wrong with her car and completely ignoring what is really wrong with her car. For instance, she always says the tires are low. the tires are fine. I ask her if she used the tire gauge. No, she didn't, but it's low. She's constantly putting air in the tires.

She always says the brakes won't work. Now I drive her car a lot myself and her brakes are fine. they are more than fine. I have driven cars that the brakes don't work. Hers are fine. There's nothing at all wrong with her brakes.

What is wrong with her car? She has no radio at all. Her heater only works on the highest fan or not at all and her door handle is broke so she can only open it from the outside. However, she instead wants to deal with all of these made up things wrong with her car like her nonexistant coolant problem instead of, say, getting the door fixed.

Sometimes I could strangle that woman.

She is also complaining because I want her to get her taxes done again this year. Well, excuse me if I want her to qualify for a stimulus again this year. Geez!

Today Aria was in rare bad girl form. Her annoyance this time was she kept getting behind the coffee table to push all of the buttons on every electronic thing there. I would tell her no then move her away from it and she would immediately go back. She also threw her baby fits. Her baby fits are kinda funny. She lays herself carefully down on her back and then she cries pitifully. I was ignoring her and I went into the other room so she followed me in order for me to really see her baby fit. I thought that was funny.

Here is a video of Rod playing with Aria at dinner. I love to hear her laugh. She has the cutest laugh ever.

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Vik said...

Haha, such a little stinker head. That reminds me that I have to figure out how to cover up my electronic buttons. Oy vey. ;) Bring on the baby fits!