Saturday, January 17, 2009

So Today I...Friday Edition

There are good and bad things about Rod not coming home for dinner on Fridays. The good things are as follows...

He doesn't make a mess. Rod is the messiest person ever. Sometimes I swear I have two kids. Now, I am not the cleanest person myself. I don't like cleaning, and I have a lot of clutter everywhere. However, my husband makes me look neat. He throws just everything on the floor without a single thought to putting it somewhere like....a table. When he comes home for dinner he leaves his ear plugs, tracks snow and mud in the house, and wants to be waited on. I always tell him to get his own stuff.

I don't have to rush. When he comes home for dinner I have to think about what to have and actually make it. I am on a time limit because he comes home for dinner at the same time every day. If dinner isn't ready on time, he can't eat it and so there is this pressure to get things done on time and I am not good with time limits. That's why I hate playing video games where you have to accomplish something in a set amount of time.

I have food. Rod eats a lot. He also eats more than his fair share sometimes if you do not tell him to save some or if you don't go first. If he doesnt' eat at home then the only person I have to save anything for is the baby. I buy her bananas-Rod eats them all. I buy cereal-Rod eats it all. I know he learned this bad and selfish habit from his dad.

There are bad things as well and they are as follows...

It messes up my schedule. Every day I have time set aside for dinner and when he doesnt' come home it messes me up for two hours. I get bored. I don't know what to do with myself. I find myself watching the time.

It costs money. The reason he doesn't come home on Fridays is because he's eating with his friends from work out somewhere. This costs us money. They don't go to McDonald's, oh no. they go somewhere it costs us $10 a plate. If he is eating out I know it is costing us food and gas money.

He doesn't get to see the baby much that day. Aria grins and looks for him when he opens the door. On Fridays she doesn't get to see her daddy for dinner. It's just her and mommy and she sees mommy all the time. Besides, I can't make him do her diaper before she goes to bed so that I don't have to.

And there we have the pros and cons of Rod eating out on Fridays.

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Vik said...

I see more cons. :P