Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Today I...Sunday Edition.

I am not on next week's schedule. My name isn't even on there. It looks like my assistant manager forgot to put me in. It just so happens that it is the week that Rod and I are going to Kansas to see my sister. Therefore I am not going to tell anyone that I am not on the schedule because it means we can go to Kansas two days sooner than we were supposed to. I was a bit nervous and had to check the next schedule to see if I was on that one. Yep, I'm on that one so he just overlooked me for one week. A lovely coincidence that is.

Poor little Aria is teething. We figure that has to be why she is so cranky, has a slight fever, and doesn't want to eat but is otherwise acting just fine. She has one tooth that popped up thru her gums to make nine and since teeth come in pairs we figure her crankiness is coming from the tenth tooth which should be making its appearance any day now. Baby Tylenol is our friend.

Today I wanted to go home early and so I finished everything that I had to do and saw my assistant manager. I asked him if I could leave and naturally, since they are cutting hours, he was looking for things for me to do. Since he couldn't find anything in my own department for me to do I had to clean the floor of the beer room before I could leave. That meant I went home at nearly usual time anyway. I like to say that he puts the Ass in assistant.

Today I had my hairstyle magazine and was picking out haircuts for everyone at the breakroom table. One lady commented that since I am always all about hair that I should just go to beauty school. So I told her that I'd love to except there's this little thing called money that I don't have. If I didn't have things like a house or truck payment then maybe I would consider something like that. I do have those things though.

Your gratutious Aria pic today is the pic taken at the Holladay Thanksgiving. It's a three generation pic! On the left we have Todd, my sister's husband with his little boy Gannon. Then we have our mother in law Mary and my husband Rod is holding Aria. In these pics you can really see how the guys look so much like their mom and how each of the babies looks so very much like their dads.

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