Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today I...Tuesday Edition

Today was a pretty decent day. After the snow and everything it didnt' seem like Heidi and I would be able to go to Davenport today but it was fairly nice out and so we did. Even though I don't have any money to really take a shopping excursion I went anyway just to get out of the house. I haven't been to Davenport in awhile and now that I know what clothes are coming out for spring I may just ask for money to go clothes shopping for Mother's Day.

Heidi got a lot of clothes and I let Aria walk around as much as possible. She likes to walk right up to people and talk to them. For the most part this is okay because lots of people like little babies. I still don't like to have her bugging people because I remember how much I hated that before I had Aria and really still do. I don't think every kid is cute and I don't want other people's kids bugging me. Aria chose certain people in JC Penneys and Maurice's that she wanted to follow around for awhile.

She was pretty good and I kept her in the food. We rented one of those car strollers and she really liked it. I think it was fun for her to turn the wheel. It is pretty hard to navigate in tiny stores though. I should have brought my own stroller but I didn't want to deal with getting it in and out of the trunk and whatnot.

It wasn't at all busy when we went shopping. That was nice because we didn't have to wait for anything and everyone was extra helpful. When there isn't a lot of people and stress, salespeople are a lot more helpful and in better moods. We didn't get any bad service at all and we saw some really good deals too. All in all a successful day.

Aria did start to get tired near the end when we had just a couple places to go to get Heidi's mom's coffee and cat food. She crawled out of the cart at Target and fell on the floor which scared me and her more than it actually hurt her. It scared her enough that she puked a little and I cleaned her up, but after a minute or two she was dancing to the songs on the speaker again. I felt so bad for the little girl. I was looking at My Little Ponies at the time and she must have been crawling out of the cart then because she is too short to actually lean over the cart. Either way, that part was not a good time. It was also the first time that I was that mom in the store with the child who kept screaming. Luckily that only lasted a couple of minutes. Whew!

Gratutitous Aria pic. Daddy is letting Aria play with the controller while he attempts to shut his eyes. Neither of these things lasted very long. However it looks like Aria is playing her dad's game while he rests. "Dont' worry, Dad. I'll level up for ya while you sleep."

Weather: Started off halfway decent then started to get wicked cold again. No snow.
Of Note: Steak and Shake is great and so is chocolate coke.
Also worth mentioning: Maurice's 50% off sale rocks!

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