Friday, January 16, 2009

So Today I...Thursday Edition

Thursday was just really freaking cold. I mean COLD! We had huge drafts coming in our doors which made the entire downstairs 63 degrees. Aria and I played upstairs for the duration of this cold. I stuffed plastic bags in the cracks of the door and stuffed towels at the bottom of the doors, but that only raised the downstairs to about 66 degrees. Then I cooked supper and having the oven on helped quite a bit.

Upstairs Aria and I played with my ponies, listened to the Wiggles, played Peekaboo and I did a photoshoot with her and her dress.

This is the dress that Vickie bought her. It's a halter dress that is yellow and has a belt. Now, looking at this dress off her I found myself going, "Oh god. That's ugly." However, on her it is adorable. She kind of has a Marilyn Monroe thing going on there. If only it wasn't too cold to run the fan we could have some hair blowing.

When Aria took her naps I played some sims2. I have so much custom content now that it is getting slower to load. Therefore I turn it on, go downstairs, get myself something to eat and it's loaded by then. It's almost as if I have dialup.

I was not proud of the meal that I cooked for dinner. I was going to make this grilled honey pork chops, but it seemed like it was more soy sauce than honey. It didn't make it very sweet at all. It also took forever to grill, which annoyed me because I can't run my microwave and my George Foreman at the same time or else it flips a breaker. The potatoes had to cook a lot longer than I thought it would too and I ran out of butter. Rod didn't complain about the dinner and said it was all good, but I was so upset that it didn't turn out how I wanted that I didn't eat anything but broccoli and pineapple cake (which I had dropped and dumped half on the ground prior to baking.)

Rod was so cold that he wants to buy winter gear. I told him 'good luck' since most winter gear is being clearanced out now. He had worn a jacket beneath his coat and had been outside a lot at work. This is the first year that he is actually going to wear a scarf or something. He also has really dry skin this year which me has me put lotion on him because he won't touch lotion with his hands. He says he dislikes it. He's very silly and I don't understand at all how you can have lotion on your arms, legs, face, but be unable to touch it with your hands. Makes no sense at all.


Vik said...

See Aria can pull off ugly clothes too. :D

I am going to start making a menu for when you guys are here.

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