Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Edition

Today I woke up with a migraine. Of course I didn't think it was one at the time. I thought maybe it was eye strain. So I took some aspirin. Then I took some ibuprofen when it wasn't working. Then after three hours I put the baby to nap early and tried to sleep it off. After a half hour I knew for sure it was a migraine. I could feel it all over my head and I could barely function. Rod was up reading and I asked him to go get me some migraine medicine. He thought it was a sinus headache and I said, no. It was a migraine.

So he went to drugtown to get me some medicine and while he was gone the pain was so bad that I started crying. I had the blankets over my face to hide the light. I think I was getting a fever. Luckily, Rod wasn't too long and I had my medicine. I tried to sleep then but the headache kept waking me up. After an hour it was nearly gone and I took another one to finish the migraine off.

Now I am hyped up on the caffeine that the pills had, plus the caffeine that was in my three glasses of tea. I am totally HYPED! I found cases for all of the DVD's left out. I pulled the trash, did a load of laundry, played with the baby and then sorted through the old CD roms that were on the shelf in Rod's computer room. Therefore I have a list of the oldness that I think some of you will appreciate.

Dabbler 2, painting program. Requirements: Windows 91 or 95

Doom, year 1992

Titanic, windows 95 or 3.1

Mad Dog McCree, DOS 3.3 or IBM 386 Mhtz

Bodyworks 1993, Windows 3.1 and 4 mb of ram

Bedlam, DOS 6.0 or Windows 95

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Win 95

3D Home Architect, 1995

Desktop Themes 98, Windows 95

Crazy, huh?

Our gratutitous Aria pic of the day is her playing with her daddy. I think this is such a sweet pic. She loves her daddy!

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Vik said...

I'm surprised she kept that bow on her head. :P

I LOVED 3-D Architect...did I spell that right?