Saturday, January 10, 2009

So Today I...Saturday Edition

Today I had a difficult time starting my car. This is the first year that I have had a difficult time starting my car. See, I have a stunningly beautiful purple, rusted, paint chipped 1994 Chevy Cavalier that has gotten me through four winters with not a single problem at all. Now it has chosen this year to decide, "You know what? I don't like any weather under forty degrees so I have decided not to start for you."

It isn't the battery. The battery is brand new. It isn't the alternator. It sounds like it isn't getting gas to the carbuerator. I have to pump it or floor it in order to get it to turn over. I have no problem with it if it is over forty degrees. Moisture in the gas tank? Fuel injection system need cleaned out? Carbuerator? Who knows! All I am positive of is that it will be expensive to fix.

Also today I was completely furious with the coworker that for anonymity purposes I will call Pumpkin. This is an example of how Pumpkin works. Pumpkin will look at the half empty meat case for five minutes with his hands in his pockets. He will then walk to the meat cooler and take out one box, which he will proceed to stock. Then he will stand again with his hands in his pockets. Then he will disappear for twenty minutes at a time and consistently go home an hour or more early. This man makes me angry.

This is what he was doing today. He walked around, played in the freezer for a bit, and then went to the meat rack that I already ran and started rearranging the meat on it. There was no reason to do this. It was not productive in any way. I told him that I had the meat on there exactly as I like it. I like order and I had a different cut of meat on each tray so I knew how much I had of everything. He was messing that up for me! He apologized and then disappeared for twenty minutes.

Evidentally Aria was sick today, which does not surprise me since I was sick yesterday. Rod told me that she threw up twice and took five hours worth of naps. She woke up at 10am today instead of her normal 8:30 am and so she really must not be feeling well. She ate well though and was otherwise in a good mood. She was showing me her new dance moves where she leans to one side until it looks like she's going to topple over and then stomps her feet. Also, she really likes to hear you yell, "Boom!" Cuz she gets all excited about it.

Here is a gratuitous pic of Aria being a little stinker. She decided that taking one or two pens out of our purple storage box was no longer satisfying and took out the entire drawer. She also has the mouse there and her sippy cup as well as her wooden wrench from her toolbox.

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