Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Edition.

Today I spent a whole $20 on groceries. I got diapers, milk, bread, hair dye, and butter. Can you find the frivolous purchase?

Today I watched two netflix movies on the xbox 360. One of them was an Indian romantic comedy called My Faraway Bride. Now, I am really beginning to like Indian romantic comedies. I've seen a good handful of them now and they kind of follow the following themes.

The first one is usually about a woman who falls in love with a man from America but can't marry him because of the arranged marriage her parents have arranged.

The second one is about the arranged marriage that learn to love each other over time.

And the third one is about the man from America who comes to India and falls in love with a woman there, therefore leaving everything that he knows in order to marry the Indian girl of his dreams if her parents accept him because he is never good or rich enough.

There you have it, the three main themes. All of them are pretty interesting and I believe I am learning about Indian culture as I watch them. I also notice that there is a lot of singing and dancing in them. Singing and dancing are very important. The one that I watched today followed the first theme. Of course at the end the girl married the American man with her parents blessing because even though they were an arranged marriage they want their own daughter to find true love.

Now I am actively looking for Indian romantic comedies to watch.

Aria is kissing! She's being such an affectionate little sweetie. She kissed her daddy one day and today she kissed me on the cheek. We were all giving hugs and kisses and I guess she wanted in on it. It's so cute because she just opens her mouth and then leans forward and puts her mouth on you. She kissed me in the store today. It is just the sweetest!

We have found that our method of discipline is working on Aria. I noticed that she stopped trying to crawl on the coffee table. She was hardcore trying to climb on that coffee table but we kept telling her no, that she can't climb on the coffee table, then taking her away from it. She'd throw her little fit and then we'd keep doing that. Well, now she doesn't climb on it anymore. Therefore we know that method works! Yay!

This gratuitous pic is Aria giggling as daddy roughhouses with her. Oh, so much fun!

I don't know how she got her arm out of the sleeve and yet kept it in the sleeves of the jumper over it, but this is pretty talented.

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Vik said...

I want to watch an Indian romance now. They sound fascinating! Plus singing and dancing is always amusing. :)

Well, that ugly dress looks very cute on Ms. Aria. Again she can pull off ugly clothes just like her Auntie. :D