Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Accomplishments

So today we cleaned up the yard in preparation of Menard's delivering our fence stuff tomorrow. The old man is gonna help us by taking out his part of the fence and then helping us with the trees on the one side. We cleaned out the brush and the other treasures that had been left there by the people who lived there before us: aka, a tire, a brake pad, some other car parts. Chris joked that if we kept going we may find a whole new car. I made sure to make lots of snarky comments loudly in the yard as I cleaned up cigarette butts. Cuz, seriously, what kind of people throw cigarette butts over the fence into someone's yard? Asshole stupid people, that's who.

We also went down to grandpa's to get the post hole digger. While we were there Aria ran around on the grass in her bare feet! That was a new experience for her. She didn't want to go very far from me, though. She's totally clingy to me now. I realize that it is this age, and a lot of times it's cute. I'm all, "Aww, I'm her favorite!" and I will enjoy it until she switches and suddenly daddy is the favorite.

I also looked in the playhouse to see if there was anything there salvagable. I found the Jaymar toy piano. I remember that piano and I am not sure, but I think we got it for Christmas some year. I must have been around 5-7. Anyway, I looked up the piano online and the company went out of business in 1990. On ebay that piano is being bid on for $119.

I asked grandpa if I could take it home with me and he said I could have anything in that playhouse that I wanted. Well, the rest of the stuff was metal and now rusted and not worth anything at all. The piano is in good shape, though and all the keys still work! Now that's a quality toy right there.

It's really faded, but it cleaned up decently. A bit of varnish would make it look nice again. Aria likes pounding on it a lot. It is loud and clangy. It is also just perfect for her size. It's awesome that I get to find toys that I used to have and Aria can now play with them. This is why people should never throw toys away.

Grandpa also cut us some wood for the sandbox so I have my sandbox makings in the truck bed right now! It will even have little pieces to nail on the edges to sit on. I remember as a kid I didn't want to sit in the sand and get sand on my legs and pants. If you sat on the edges, though, it would hurt my bony little butt. Therefore the sitting area I thought was especially important. Everyone keeps thinking that sandboxes are so much more complicated than they are. They are all talking edging and painting and pretreated. It's a freaking sandbox. I expect half the sand to be thrown out of it, that's what kids do. I expect bugs to get in it, it's what bugs do. I even expect a neighbor cat to think it's a litter box once in awhile. That's what cats do. I have no idea why everyone thinks a sandbox has to be this huge, complicated thing. There was a sandbox at Virginia Grove park-just four planks of wood nailed together. It was awesome! That's what I want-simple and awesome.

I am loving the privacy fence going up. It is going to be so great. A play area for Aria, and when Vick and Todd come down we can have Lady in the yard without worrying about her running away. There is no downside to this fence. I won't let Rod put it off either. I want it too badly. I told him that I will withhold sex if I don't get my fence. I was making comments like, "You know what would really turn me on and get me hot?.....A privacy fence."

Ari still has a bit of diarrhea and she only ate a rice cake, half a banana, half a string cheese, and a couple pieces of cubed ham today. At least what she did eat was good stuff. Oh, she did have a few bites of my cereal. She's certainly losing some weight cuz of this sickness because she isn't so heavy. I noticed it in her legs too. At least I know that I don't have to worry if she loses weight cuz she is always a big eater otherwise. Luckily she has been drinking well now. She had her milk and two sippies of juice.

She also has diaper rash now. That must mean it is time for her 18 month appointment. It seems like every time she has to go to the doctor, Aria has diaper rash. The doc must think that she has diaper rash all the time. It's entirely coincidental, I assure you.

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