Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday-Yard Wasteland

So the privacy fence building continues. We had Freer and Sons come to take out those meddlesome trees. These are the pics of the wasteland that my yard is right now.

I still have time that I can get a lot of the brush and make it for spring cleaning. We got a lot of crap out of our house and picked up this morning. Three old mattresses, computer cases, a monitor, Chris's couch, and various other crap that was just laying around. The amazing thing to me is that Rod didn't even know we had this stuff. For instance, I was cleaning out empty boxes from the bedroom and Rod goes, "Where did you find those?" The bedroom. They've been there all year. He didn't even notice them. I couldn't miss them, they were there every day. They aren't now! I got rid of the fooseball table that was in the attic and other crap that the people who lived here before us left. It is amazing though what other people will take from there. Like, they took all of our computer cases, the broke vacuum, both dead batteries I put out, and the car haired, disgusting cat thing I threw out. All of these things were picked up by people roaming the alley.

Aria discovered that woodchips are interesting. I am surprised she didn't want to play in the stuff. I would want to play in it, but she didn't. Rod has a friend that is supposed to come and pick up the fence and a bunch of the wood. I dunno why he wants the fence, but whatever floats his boat.

Just look at the wasteland that is my yard. It is very flammable right now. I have so much cleanup left to do and not a whole lot of time to do it. It makes it especially difficult since I have to watch Aria while I look out at the yard thinking, "I could be cleaning that up."
So, it's progress. Now there is nothing standing in the way of getting the rest of the fence up. I am even going to save some of the wood chips because I have the idea of putting in a small, burning bush that doesn't have to be trimmed and then putting wood chips around it. They cost a lot if you buy them and I have tons for free!
Random stuff:
*Aria is beginning to like a couple stuffed animals. She hugs the white bear that my mom gave her for Valentine's Day, and she likes this beanie baby zebra that Mary gave her. All other stuffed animals suck, lol.
*Aria can now point to her nose if you ask her too. We are teaching her ears next.
*Aria now points to things in books for you to name them. She can't point yet if you name it though.
*We bought Aria a potty. At first she cried when I put her on it, but now she sits on it with her pants on if you ask her to. This is the first step in potty training! She is uncomfortable when she has a poop diaper and grabs her diaper. Today she tried to wipe herself with her sock, so I am thinking she is getting ready.
*I bought Sims2 Seasons and it is everything I thought it would be. It's so fun! My favorite things about it so far is when lightning strikes something and sets it on fire and when the penguin comes around in the winter. I also like raking the leaves and burning them. Seasons is great!

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