Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Toys

Mom wanted to go to Iowa City today because she wanted to buy Gannon some stuff. To hear mom say it, she was saying that Vickie was getting mad because Aria got a pretty new Easter dress and Gannon didn't get anything and so Mom eleviated her conscience by going to Iowa City. For me it was just another excuse to go somewhere.

Aria went with us and the first thing we did was get sidetracked because of the construction and ended up driving to North Liberty and then turning around. Mom kept saying, "You can turn here." No, mom, I can't make a U-turn on the interstate. It's against the law. So she'd say it again. "You can turn around here." No, mom, see the big sign that says no U-turn? Well, it was just five miles off course. We then went into the mall and the kid's place to play.

Aria had a good time playing with the little kids there. Most of them were just a bit bigger than her and there were a few just a bit littler. She was so excited. Then we went to the Old Country Buffet to eat before we rented one of those car stroller things for her to ride around in. She loved that thing. Mom bought Gannon some clothes, but we had to go to 4 stores to do it. No one had anything cute for boys that were under 12 months. All the boys clothes were 12m and up. It was annoying. Of course there were plenty of stuff for girls. I bought Aria a cute pair of sunglasses because they were only $3.50 and they looked so cute on her. I think she liked looking through the blue lenses. She kept them on a long time while riding in the car stroller. She was holding my smoothie, with her shades in her hair. She was really cruisin'. Then we let Aria play again with the other kids in the play area. She wore herself out and slept the whole way home.

Aria is still kinda sick today. After I gave her tylenol she ate spaghetti, but I think her tummy upset her. She drank juice and had a bit of diarrhea this morning. I think she caught the virus that had been going around the daycare when Carly was over. She had long naps and she's watching Wiggles happily now so it's all good.

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Vik said...

Mommy is quite silly. :P I guess my normal voice equals I'm mad?? lol geeeezzzz. I didn't expect anything for Gannon anyway, cuz if I were to buy him a cool little suit he'd just grow out of it in a month and then it would have been a waste. :p