Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Playdate

Today Heidi and I were going out to dinner since we always try to do something on pay weeks. Anyway, Heidi was babysitting a little girl that was 18 months old and even though she didn't have to pick her up until later, Heidi picked up Carly earlier and the girls played.

When Aria saw Carly she did her excited squatting thing she does. When Aria gets really enthused she squats like she is going to poop and then extends her hands out. She even clenches and grunts. This is how you know Aria is super excited about something. Carly and Aria got along great. Aria was even trying to feed her with a fork at China Garden when we went out to eat. That was also super funny. Both girls were trying to feed me too. That was amusing.

So then we went to Walmart to pick up a few things and I got Heidi to babysit Aria for Saturday since Rod has to work. It will be the first time Heidi has Aria by herself. Heidi is good with kids so I am only worried about if Aria naps or not. With Ari, it's always about the napping. She doesn't just nap anywhere at all.

So, in all, not bad. Both girls threw food on the floor of the restaurant, but I gave them a good tip to make up for that. Both girls had to be changed at Walmart and if one was unhappy in the carseat the other one had to complain too.

In all, I am in a pretty good mood because Aria doesn't get to play with other kids much and I enjoyed seeing how happy she was with another little girl her age. I am also glad she didn't hit or pull hair or pinch. In fact, she tried to hug and kiss her a few times. It was very sweet.

Gratutious crazy pic today is: Crazy hair! This is what Aria's hair looks like after you take the ponytail out. She also had chocolate.

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Vik said...

I'm glad Aria had such fun playing w/the little gal. :)