Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Complaints

Today I woke up sick, which only set the tone for my entire day. I finally caught the virus that Aria has. I was expecting to. After all, I can't have a sick toddler feed me and poop on me without getting it, right? Well, I don't feel nauseous or have diarrhea, but my stomach sure hurts and I have no energy for anything at all. We'll call that complaint number one.

Aria was not a happy girl all day. That's fine, she's sick. Problem with that is that I am sick too and she only wanted me. She screamed at her daddy and wanted to sit with me, which hurt my stomach. Therefore she was very unhappy. She also didn't eat much at all today.

Rod wasn't feeling great, but he was up because the old man next door was supposed to take out his fence today. The old man never showed up. This is not surprising to me. It's disgusting, but not surprising. I have never met a single person who has ever showed up to do something when they were supposed to, especially if it has to do with yard work.

My mom called and I had her come over because I thought that if she was over she could watch Aria and I could nap. Well, mom came over and first of all she had on makeup. It was hideous clown makeup. Blue eyeshadow up to her eyebrows. Blush in circles on her cheeks. It hurt to look at her, but I didn't say anything. I didn't have to. Aria saw her and started crying and didn't stop crying until mom washed her face of her makeup.

I went upstairs and took a two hour nap. That was the most enjoyable part of my whole day. After my nap I was weak from hunger. I ate nothing all day but one glass of tea. I went downstairs and Rod brought down Aria from her third nap.

Now, here's another complaint. Before I went up for a nap Aria was crying because she had diarrhea in her diaper. I asked Rod to change her. After all, I was sick or else I'd just do it myself. He got the diaper and wipes and then asked Aria to come over. She wouldn't come over and so what did Rod do? He kept watching TV. Aria kept crying. Finally I was like, "Why haven't you changed her diaper?" His excuse? She didn't come to him. I wanted to smack him. Instead I told him to just get her then and change her. She's crying. The goal is to make her not cry, not prolong it because she doesn't come to you or else you'll wait forever. This scene happened exactly twice today.

Then when I came downstairs again, we got Aria some applesauce. Rod was upstairs napping this time. We gave Aria some applesauce and she started to tip the little cup. Mom yells at her, "Don't tip it!" Now this scared her and she started crying and naturally tipped it and some went to the floor. I told mom not to yell at her. She never hears yelling and it doesn't do any good. Mom then proceeded to tell me that if I didn't yell at her then she would just dump food all over all the time. First of all, she wasn't doing it on purpose and secondly, she's one. She'd feeding herself with her own spoon and her own little cup. Does my mom expect her to be super neat? The applesauce hadn't even hit the ground when mom yelled. This scene also happened exactly twice. The second time when mom told me I should be yelling at my one year old I told her that "It worked really well for us, didn't it? One thing I do remember as a kid is that we didn't pay attention to you yelling at us. Why would I expect it to work for my daughter when it didn't work for me?" Mom didn't like that very much.

So after the whole applesauce fiasco, Aria had another diarrhea diaper. I asked mom to change it because, well, again I'm sick and I"m laying on the couch. Mom lays Aria on the blanket on the floor and changes her diaper. She then lets the diaper leak on the floor. Now, the diaper is leaking and I tell her that it is. She throws it away and I tell her to wash her hands. She does and when she comes back she has no wash cloth, nothing. Evidentally she was just going to leave the diarrhea mess on my floor but applesauce is horrible! I cleaned up the diarrhea with the baby wipes and then called mom on it. She was like, "I was going to do it." I told her that she was yelling at Aria before the applesauce even touched the floor but she let diarrhea just drip all over.

So that was my day.

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Stephanie said...

oh my gosh, what a day. the whole diaper thing is really funny only because it didnt happen to me. rod is such a man for not changing it of course shes one. hope your feeling better