Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Dinner

It was tree cutting down time the last few days of the privacy fence project. First Rod had to cut down one tree and then went to work. Today I put all of the branches and logs of that tree into a pile by the house and out of the workspace. This took me around an hour, but I got my exercise for the day because some of those limbs were pretty heavy. I did this while Aria was napping.

Then Aria and I went to dinner with Nancy, Jeanne, Misty, and Kathy. We went to a Mexican place I have never been to before. Ari was so good there and I discovered that she has a dessert compartment too. She was completely full of her chips and salsa and was just playing with the stuff until I got dessert. Then she was all over that dessert like she wasn't just full. Yep, dessert compartment just like me.

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