Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Work

I am thinking that mom is going to need a break from watching Aria for awhile because as Aria gets older Mom can't handle her. I don't mean that she can't chase her, I mean that she can't handle just normal toddler stuff. For one, Mom makes Aria very agitated. All she does is stare at her. I've told Mom, "You know, it's okay to talk to her." I have to tell Mom that she can read to her or play with her. Interact with her in some sort. Mom does not do this. In fact, all she really does is sit and look at the girl.

Another thing that Rod mentioned is that Mom is full of extremes. When she isn't going, "Oh, sweetie don't do that." She's yelling, "Knock it off!" Rod said that my mom was doing that with everything. If Aria fell down one minute Mom would be, "Oh, sweetie" and in ten minutes she'd be like, "Get up! You are fine!" Rod then asked me how it was that I turned out so good. Well, again, I think it has a lot to do with that we were at our grandparents every day. As I remember it, mom never really talked to us or did anything with us either.

We are also discovering that Mom doesn't let Aria take her naps. Rod said that he had to tell my mom to go outside just so that Aria could take a nap. Every time Aria made a peep Mom wanted to race up the stairs and get her. Aria ended up taking only a half hour nap because Mom would literally perch on the stairs and listen for her. Rod said that now he understands why when he gets home from work he'll put Aria down for a nap and she'll go right to sleep at, like 4pm. My mom is not letting her nap.

So I need to give Mom a long break and only have her see Aria when I am there. She just does not know what to do with kids. Now that Aria isn't a baby anymore and is actually moving and interacting, she has no clue. Mom doesn't do things like talk to her. She doesn't offer to read to her. She doesn't do anything at all. It's really kind of disappointing, but not surprising.

More posts are put up on the privacy fence. It's Easter and there's no babysitter so I doubt if anything will get done today. Tomorrow should be better since I will be home with Aria. I will call Grandpa today to see if he can come down and help since Rod won't have any help.

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