Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Privacy Fence Day One

Day one involved going to Menards a total of three times to get the following:

1.Another post hole digger

2. Shovel
3. 2x4's

This is because you never have all that you need in order to get the job done. Grandpa's post hole digger is on its last legs and we didn't even own a shovel. The 2x4's are to help hold up the posts while they set in concrete.
Day one also involved lots of 'discussion' I say discussion when it is just Rod and Chris arguing about how to go about doing something. They can't do anything at all without arguing about it. They can't play board games, video games. I doubt they can cook dinner together without arguing over just how long to cook something. The 'discussions' we as indecisive as them. At one point the post hole was dug too deep and it was some big ordeal whether to...? a) put more dirt in to fill up the hole a little bit b) leave it cuz it is good enough or c) put concrete in the bottom and try to fill it in that way. As they were arguing about the post I picked it up, kicked in some dirt, put it back in and said, "There! It's done! Get the concrete, we don't have to discuss it anymore!" Cuz, seriously, it would have taken them a full hour to decide whether to kick dirt in the hole or not. There was a similar argument over how exactly to level the posts to one another. Should they a) eye it, b) use a level and board...This is why in the hours that they did it, they only set up five posts.

I took out the patio blocks and used the dirt to fill in the holes. I don't know what I will do with those patio blocks yet, but I know I didn't like them where they were. We will have lots of concrete left and so I may just build a sidewalk with what we have left over and lead it out to my car. I may even build onto the patio, depending on how much concrete we'll have left.

Aria discovered dirt and leaves today. She also played in water. She got very messy but had a very good time. In fact, she didn't want to go inside at all, and every time someone had to come inside for something she would try to bolt out the door in order to go outside again. She is going to be a total outside child, so the exact opposite of me.

So tomorrow the plan is to take out the other neighbor's fence and put up the panels on the posts. Mom will be watching Aria while this happens.

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