Monday, April 20, 2009

Ten Years!

Well, I have made it to my tenth wedding anniversary. We had originally wanted to do so much more for this big milestone, but we had no money in which to do it. However, what we did do was pretty fun so it all worked out.

Friday was our actual anniversary and so we spent the after noon in the park feeding the ducks and geese. Aria loves birds. She loves them so much-again, another way that she is the opposite of me. She points out the birds in our lawn too, and every bird she sees is a 'duck'. It was a really nice day and so feeding the birds was fun. We stayed until it was time to put the baby girl for a nap.
Rod found out that Biaggi's has a gluten free menu after doing a search for restaurants. We were so excited about that! He made a reservation and I got Aria and I all dressed up for Biaggi's. It would be Aria's first fancy restaurant trip.
Aria did pretty good. The whole place was loud with talking and so I didn't worry about her being loud. She was afraid of the guys at the table next to us and so we had to scoot her over. She also got tired of sitting in her chair after awhile and so lots of effort was made to entertain her. She stuffed herself with bread, fed me bread, and tried to feed her daddy bread. I know she's too young to understand that daddy can't eat bread, but she was super offended when he wouldn't eat it. She just gives you a look like, "You must eat it! I am offering it to you so eat it now!"
Then we went to coldstone because I had an awesome coupon. We had dark chocolate ice cream with cherries. It was hella great. Aria helped me to eat mine because she has a dessert compartment too.
Then on Saturday we went to a gamecon in the Quads. It was the first one I had been to in years. We played D&D 4.0 and I was completely lost. I never played it before and I was at a table of ppl who play it all the time. I felt like such a gamer beginner. I'm all, "What does this spell do? Where do I look for this? What does this mean? Can I do this?" I swear it was like I never played a game before in my life and I've been playing for ten years! Rod and I both won a raffle and so we went home with $100 worth of games for free. None of which I will probably play.
Mary played with the baby girl all day. She sent us a pic of Aria with a bucket on her head. She had fun. I am glad. I want Aria to have a good relationship with her grandmas. Mom has been extra crazy lately. I can't help but think that she skipped a pill or a shot or something. She sent me an anniversary card saying she was 'concerned', which is typical Mom. Just the random craziness has lasted about two weeks straight and I am hoping for an end in sight.
We got Mary's old screen door. They bought a new one and called to ask if I wanted it. I said YES! GIMME! So she said that there was something wrong with the bottom and I reminded her that my screen door is tied to the railing with a bungee cord. I don't care! I want!
It hailed today. How fucked up is that. I swear every neighbor went to look out their windows and we were all, "What the hell? Why is it hailing? It's freakin' April."
Other randomness:
*I get $6 to spend on myself because Rod spent $6 on himself.
*We have to cut down two stupid trees in order to get the privacy fence up because there are carpenter ants eating away at one and the other one is nearly dead too. That is going to cost us $400. Rod is gonna use his bonus on it when he gets it so that we can afford it. There must be some higher power that doesn't want me to have my privacy fence. I shake my fist in the air and shout, "Damn you! I WILL have my privacy fence!"
*I was actually sleepy today. That must mean my medicine is getting out of my system. I liked actually having energy.
*Sims2 Seasons is soooooo fun!

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