Thursday, March 12, 2009

A lazy Thursday

Today I didn't do a whole hell of a lot. Now, that may seem like every day, but today I went even beyond that. I didn't do any laundry and I just barely did dishes. I picked up a little bit at the end of the day and I sat on the floor all day playing with my baby girl.

Aria is really kissing now! She's not just putting her face up to yours, she's making a real kissy face. Only her kissy face looks like fish lips. She makes the sound and everything. She still goes right for your lips. She doesn't want to kiss you on the cheek or the forehead. She wants to kiss you right on the lips. She's such a silly girl. I got about 3 or 4 kisses from her today. She also sat on my lap a lot and played with the finger puppets that she got for Christmas. Now, a few months ago she didn't care about those things at all. However, a new love of putting absolutely everything on her hands has triggered her love of the finger puppets. She only likes the giraffe and zebra ones though. Fuck the lion!

She also crawls into her stroller and puts her sippy cup inside my snowboot. I walk around all day looking for her sippy cup and there it is-in the snowboot! She even stacks sippy cups on top of each other in the snowboot.

Let me tell you how hard it is to get ahold of an audiologist. I have mentioned it before, but since Aria isn't talking it was recommended that we give her a hearing test. Well, the Mississippi Bend does it for the younger kids, I guess, so that was the number I was referred. I called a total of 3 times, leaving a message once. No answer on three separate days. I guess they either don't ever work or they don't hear their calls. (snicker snicker)

So I looked up places here in Muscatine and I called the Audiologists Consultants. the first time I called no one was in. It's like Audiologists never work! I called again today and finally got a person. They told me that they don't do children that young and so they referred me to the Mississippi Bend again. I told them that I already called there and so they referred me to someone else. That person actually works and answers their phone, but they were booked up for a month. Lotta people who can't hear. Aria's appointment is in April. No big deal. I really doubt shes' going to dramatically change in a month considering she's been babbling the same stuff for 6 months now.

I am rocking with the cooking! Today we had pineapple pork chops, creamed peas, and jello. A few days ago we had apple and onion stuffed pork chops and green beans with bacon. While we were getting our new phones I asked Rod where he wanted to eat. He answered, "Honestly, at home." So the ladies there said that I must be a good cook and Rod goes, "Yeah, she is." I was so happy and proud.

But, yes, we got new phones. It was time up for our contract and Rod needed a new phone so we both went in to get them. The money to pay for it is just added onto our bill for next month. No biggie. Rod got the updated version of the phone that he already has and I got a purple phone...with GPS! My purple phone rocks. We kept Rod's old one for Aria to play with. So far she doesn't know my phone exists.

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