Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Spring Cleaning

Inspired by How Clean is Your House, I decided that it would be fun to do some spring cleaning. I figured that if I helped my mom out then she would help me and we would get more done with the two of us. It was a good plan.

So today I packed up Aria and a box of my cleaning stuff and headed to my mom's. The first project was the kitchen. We cleaned the counter and under the microwave. We cleaned the fridge, even on top of it. We discovered new dishes all over the place, and we cleaned the stove and bar.

We ate tuna helper and bologna sandwiches and Aria chased the kitties around. She didn't actually get close enough to touch either of them, but she was very loud and I think that made the big, fat kitties nervous.

Our next room was the bathroom and that was something to be desired. Mom has a really difficult time getting rid of anything-such as expired makeup and medicine. There were tiny lipsticks in there that I remember her having when I was a kid. There were also old razors and razor blades in the medicine cabinet. I threw away vitamins from 1993.

But the real fun came when I cleaned out the pink cabinet that is above her dryer. That thing had years of dust caked upon it. I ended up tossing absolutely everything that was in it, and not without a fight. My mom wanted to keep generic vaporub from a decade ago. My mom wanted to keep laxatives from 2003. The best one of all, though, was the vasoline I found. I had to look at it several times because I honestly could not believe the expiration date: 1979. The vasoline was as old as I was. It looked exactly the same too, which is really freaky.

Now mom's bathroom is cleaner than it has been in years and there's no expired medicines. I couldn't get her to clean out hardly anything else though. That's okay cuz Aria was starting to get cranky. She needed a nap.

So today I accomplished something and Friday Mom is coming over so that we can do my house. That should also be super interesting. I don't have expired medicine from 30 years ago in my cabinets, but I have other treasures.

Cups make great gloves!

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