Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Money Day

Well, most of our tax money is gone now and I don't feel that sad about it. Usually you end up buying just nothing and you wonder where the money went. Instead, we got things that were pretty important like new glasses, a truck registration, and an oil change. We also bought our privacy fence stuff! It will be delivered the next week that Rod has off and then we will be doing a whole privacy fence week project.

I am excited about this privacy fence. I've wanted one for a really long time and every time Rod says to wait then I give him more and more reasons why this privacy fence is important. Not the entire thing will be privacy though, just the sides. The front will be a 4 foot fence so that we will be able to see the vehicles and save us some money. Rod is also getting a removable post thing so that he can remove a part of the fence in case we need to drive vehicles down into the yard.

Aria's cold is getting better. You don't have to wipe her runny nose every few minutes anymore. I took her outside to play until she starting coughing, then I brought her back in. That's another reason to get this privacy fence-when she's outside playing I won't have to block her from running out in the alley.

I just ordered some Wiggles DVD's because I am getting tired of watching the same ones over and over. I was quoting everything as they were saying it and so I decided it was time to watch something different. The new Wiggles DVD's are more for me than Aria because she doesn't care if she watches the same thing over and over. It's me that cares.

My sims2 love has been renewed again in my need to make cool houses. I got my Jill Smith into the secret society and now I'm all about the secret society. I went thru a period where I was all about the Greek houses.

I've found one way to keep Aria from wanting to pound on the keyboard. The solution is to pull up a playlist of the Wiggles on youtube and then put the headphones on her ears. She loves this. She loves this so much that she comes over to you with the headphones so that you'll put them on her ears.

What to do with the rest of the tax money:

1. Put some in savings

2. Pay off some doctor and dentist bills.

3. Try not to spend the rest of it. (That's the hard part!)

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