Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday itches

Today Rod and I got our new phones, which is always super fun. This time I got myself a flat, purple one because the way that I pick out which phone I like is the same way I pick cars-if they are pretty or not. That's because most phones and cars have all of the features that I want and so it doesn't really make any difference which one I get. This one has GPS so if I want to I can subscribe to it and never get lost!

My phone we gave back to them so that it can be donated. Rod's old phone we kept so that Aria can play with it. She can't dial out anymore and there is nothing really on there and so she can hit buttons to her delight if she wants to. Naturally she wants Mama's pretty purple phone.

Rod was hungry and I asked him where he wanted to eat today. He said honestly, he wanted to eat at home. That means that my food is better than restaurants. Go me! I am a real cook now!

I think I've got bed bugs. I combatted the bed bugs by cleaning all of the sheets and blankets in hot water and then drying them twice. Then I cleaned the bed and sprayed around the room with that 12 month killer stuff. I was getting bit and it was leaving huge, itchy, red, swollen bites on my legs that are annoying. Rod, naturally, was never bit once. If we have anything at all, any kind of infestation I am the only one who is ever bit. Fleas? I'm the only one bit. Chiggers- biting me. Ticks? they only get me. Ants, anything at all-they come after me. I wish I was a little less tasty.

So I was reading up about bed bugs and it says that sanitation makes no difference and that you can pick them up anywhere. Thanks...good to know. I find it amusing that the house is actually the cleanest it has ever been and it is within the last few years that we have bug problems. It's stinking crazy. Here's to not being bitten any longer.

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Vik said...

man Todd and I need new phones. We've had our for about 4 yrs. lol. Just haven't been by a verizon to get any....