Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday is a Funday!

We got our taxes back just in time for us to not be seriously poor. I was wondering how I was going to pay for diapers, it was so bad. Well, we will have enough to get our privacy fence, Rod to get some glasses, pay for our phones, and have some left over. Probably to pay doctor and dentist bills with. It will be nice to have some money to play catch up with even if the privacy fence is considered my 'fun stuff'.
Aria has her first real cold. Before she's just kind of sneezed a few times. Now she has a real cold with coughing and a runny nose. Poor little girl is miserable and doesn't want to eat much. I wipe her nose every hour or so. She also wants to sit in your lap all the time. Rod said she took three naps today.
Rod isn't working this week, so I am picking up some hours at work. I am working 4-9 on Monday and on Friday because that's when my department manager needs someone extra. The schedule was really screwed up as it was and for the next two weeks we basically have to rework the whole thing. If this did not happen then we would have entire shifts where no one was in meat at all. Crazy, I tell you. Anyway, I will get an extra big paycheck then of about 2 days and that means that it will help us a little bit, if for nothing else than to get us more groceries.

If you were at my house this week, this is the breakfast you would have eaten. I made chocolate pancakes. Then I put peanut butter on them and then chocolate syrup. They were very tasty. I also made cinnamon pancakes, and I would have made chocolate chip pancakes if I hadn't taken the chocolate chips upstairs and ate them out of the package while playing Sims 2.

Aria found her stroller by the table and pet carriers and pulled it out so that she could first push it around the kitchen and then sit in it. I gave her some yogurt for breakfast and she wanted to eat it in her stroller. Both times I gave her yogurt she went to her stroller to eat it. Too bad that she uses her rocking chair as a stepstool and her stroller as a chair.

Aria also now will try to step down the steps if you hold her hand. Once she reaches the windowsill or something else she can reach she wants to try to do it herself. Otherwise she wants to hold onto your hands as she goes down. Going down the stairs is just about her favorite thing to do right now. Second only to going up the stairs.

Things to do:

1. Get privacy fence permit and materials.

2. Enlist people's help to put it up.

3. Get Rod's registration renewed.

4. Buy cat food.

5. Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

6. Find out just how Doritos can get even CHEESIER!

7. Go to work more and therefore complain more.

8. I know there is more I just can't remember.

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Vik said...

becuz the stroller is just way comfier then a wooden chair. ;)

I'm so happy we played catch up on bills and such w/our tax return. :D