Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Food Day

I went a little insane with the groceries, but we really needed the food. I had cleaned out all of my freezer so that there was nothing left but a Dole fruit chiller and three ice packs. I had no milk, no juice, and Aria hates our water as much as I do. We were out of meat except for one 1lb roll of 93% lean. I have food again since I got paid this week! Yay! I spent way a lot on food but I had to do some major restocking. I also had to buy Pampers since they were out of Luv's in Aria's size and other things like that which made my bill even higher. I bought a lot of produce and a lot of meat too.

Today Aria and I went outside to play. It was nice out for once and I thought she'd really enjoy it. She did. She ran all over the yard like it was the best thing in the world. She picked up sticks and tried to step up the tiny hump of a hill to our cars. I put her slide outside and she played on the slide. We played with the ball. I also cleaned the litter out of my yard. My stupid neighbors, who I wish would all die, threw a whole lot of cigarette butts in my yard over the winter. Seriously, these people should rot. Please please please I need a privacy fence.

Rod watched us play outside but he was too lazy to put on some clothes and come outside as well. It would cut into his Mythbuster watching time. Therefore he missed out. Mama is just that much cooler than daddy!

She's getting better about letting me do her hair now. She doesn't try to get away, she just whines until I am done and then she is fine.

Dinner today: Check steak grilled with red wine, worchestershire sauce, and rosemary. We also had tomatoes baked with oil, mozzerella cheese and basil. It was all very tasty. Both were Rachel Ray recipes. I like all of the spices and different tastes that she has in her cooking. Nothing is plain with her and I like that. I need about 50 more cookbooks.

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Vik said...

I went out and bought a shitload of food as well,cuz we needed it. I also bought much needed batteries. :P My bill was HELLA high.