Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Declutter

It is so much easier to get rid of things that aren't your own. If it is something of Rod's or my mom's then I am all about just tossing it away. However, if it is my own I am like, "Oh, I wonder where this went" or "I may need this later" or "I should put this somewhere". Then I put the item on the couch or a table and I don't look at it again for another six months.

That's why I need someone to go through my house and to just toss away worthless things. I am getting better. If I don't remember who gave something to me then I toss it. I got rid of a bunch of pans I didn't know existed beneath my stove today and I got rid of my burnt pans. I threw them away and I never looked back!

Unfortunately, I am not at all like this with my Toys. I want to keep my toys forever. My toys give me happy memories even though most of them are in the attic. I even tell myself "Someday Aria may want them" but Aria won't understand the importance of the old pound puppies or strawberry shortcake or even fully understand the majesty of the first My Little Ponies! That is tragic, in my opinion.

I discovered that Diet Pepsi tastes 110% better if it has chocolate ice cream in it.

So let's talk 50 years of Barbie. Is anyone as excited about this as me? Okay, probably not. For some reason I am all giddy about it. Barbie is 50 and that is just awesome. The doll has always been a favorite of mine even though I don't obsessively buy them. I like to visit the toy aisles. I always call it, "Let's see what Barbie is doing this season." Then I go down the aisle and I'm all, "Oh, Barbie has new rooms, and she got herself more pets, and she's in a new movie." I talk about Barbie as if she were real, cuz I am crazy like that. She may as well be just like whenever you see one of the Muppets on a show you always think of them as a separate entity and not a marionette puppet on a bunch of strings. I suppose it is just that I have a very vivid imagination.

Barbie's website has a cool little game where you can do her hair. You can crimp it and change its color and cut it. It is actually pretty fun. A good time waster for anyone who likes time wasters and want to do a doll's hair. I know I am a fan of this.

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Vik said...

I need to go do Barbie's hair. :P

I need more motivation to declutter! Oy vey.