Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Accomplished Today

Lately I've been pretty lazy. I've been tired all the time, unmotivated, and just plan blah. There has been things I've wanted to do, but just never could get off my butt to do it. That changed today. Maybe it was that I finally got to bed before 1am. I actually had more than one night of good sleep this week. Oh, and the state of the house was getting on my nerves.

It also helps that I have flylady posts directed to my mailbox now. That way I have a mission to do every day and that helps me to keep the house in order. It is annoying how it all falls apart so quickly.

Without further ado, things I accomplished today:
1. I cleaned off Rod's desk.
2. I dusted and rearranged Rod's shelves in his room.
3. I moved the pony shelf in my red room and put the ponies all back on it according to set.
4. I sprayed revitalizing oil and wiped down the door leading to the bathroom.
5. I changed the kitty litter (god, I hate that chore)

Random funny Aria thing:
She likes to argue. She must get that from me. She will just argue and laugh as she is doing it for the sake of arguing. It reminds me of my dad. My dad would say something just to get you riled up and then laugh as you get all charged up about it. He was an instigator. So am I. So is my daughter.

Anyway, she was going, "No, mama." "Yes, Aria." "No, Mama." "Yes, Aria." "Yes, Mama." "No, Aria." Then she changes it to, "No, JACQUE!" "YES, Aria!" "No, Jacque." "Yes, Aria." "No, Jacque."

Little stinker she is. I'm trying to teach her "Wabbit season, duck season".

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