Friday, February 4, 2011

My Funny Girl

Bathtime with Aria was hilarious today. I mixed some dishsoap with some water and she had a playdoh wand to use to blow bubbles. What was really funny was the stuff she was saying. She had me cracking up almost the whole time.

She blew three bubbles and then called out very proudly, "Three bubbles!" She then purposefully popped one and announced, "Oops! Never mind!"

She also picked up a big bubble in her hands and with wide eyes stated, "I can see myself!"

She giggled whenever the bubbles would land on the tub, the whale, or the floor.

At one point she had to pee, and so she made an effort to actually try to pee on the a bubble that hadn't popped in the tub. Yep, my little girl aims her pee to pop bubbles. Her daddy would be proud. Never mind the whole peeing in the tub. Just try to stop her. Luckily, she does get out to poop.

It was a struggle to get that little girl out of the tub when it was time, though. She was having so much fun that she wanted to just keep doing it. Bubbles was the best thing in a long time. She was crying as I made her get out-the mean mommy that I am. Though she calmed down some when she realized that it was story time.

One more Diego show has been replaced by storytime before bed, which is awesome. She watches less TV and she gets read to. She gets to pick out five or so little books and we read. She has Hungry Catepillar memorized now, and I introduced her to Green Eggs and Ham tonight. Story time is a total success now that she is old enough, and has a long enough attention span to actually sit and listen when I read to her.

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