Monday, January 3, 2011

It's January 3rd and I was up at 7am.

Which is insane because I try not to get up that early of my own will.

Rod tried to fix the noise of my computer-the noise that really wasn't bothering me at all. Well, he turned off a few fans and did some things and now my computer smells smoky. Yeah, it smells like smoke. I'm a bit concerned.

Last night there was all kinds of grandpa drama. Jerry called me at work because he wasn't able to get ahold of grandpa for two days. Dean had emailed me before that. So I called mom so she could check on him. She did and he was okay and so I called Jerry back, and I called Dean too. Grandpa's phone didn't work. I guess Uncle Phillip had been trying to reach him too. It makes you a bit nervous when you can't get ahold of an 88 year old man. I am spending the day today attempting to fix grandpa's phone.

My department manager at work asked me if I was good with computers. I thought a moment and I realize that to *real* computer people I am a mere beginner at computers. Just a simple user. To Walmart people.....I told him yes. Yes, I am good with computers. He got a new laptop, doesn't know how to work it. I kinda feel bad when old people learn new technology. They are always so lost. I hope I am not like that when I am old.

Aria is being very articulate. She is using pronouns and everything. This is always a big thing because Aria has always been behind in the language department. I always say that it's no big deal because her talents lie in her motor skills. After all, she helped me cut a potato with a knife...a sharp one! Kept her fingers out of the way and everything. She did better than her mommy who just recently cut her finger on the apple corer. (I so wish I was joking.)

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