Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year!

It's a new year, but it just feels like any other day. My sister and her family left my house today, and then I went to work.

Work is frustrating to me because I spend most of my time cleaning up after other people. This really cuts down on my productivity. You can say, "But, Jac, can't you just do that cleaning later?" I wish. The problem with the mess is that the cardboard boxes take up precious L-carts, or floor space that I need to work with and walk on. Then I don't know what product I actually have since the empty boxes are with the full boxes. Then the table I work on is covered, and it's disorganized and not very efficient at all.

Then the frozen/dairy truck came early, which is always fun because then giant, heavy pallets block all of the meat I need to get to. If I am especially ambitious I will climb over the pallets and between them to reach the precious few boxes I can stock. Otherwise I just go, "Fuck it. People don't really need cube steak today."

It was super cute the way that Aria and Gannon played together this time. They got along great as long as toys weren't involved. My child does not share. She would take the item wanted and then she would thrust her face into her cousin's face, widen her eyes, and say in a very serious little toddler girl tone, "Aria me bobo!" Which is Aria talk for, "This is my bobo monkey." The majority of the time was keeping them from fighting and teaching them to share, but when it was time to run around and jump like lunatics, then they got along great!

Aria wanted to say good night to Gannon every night and Gannon looked for Aria every morning. Cousin love is so adorable.

New Year Stuff:
1. First song stuck in my head: Cooler than Me by Mike Posner.
2. First movie watched: A-Team (techinically it was Dec 31st, but who cares?)
3. I drank sparkling grape juice and the next day I took my vitamin and got nauseous, therefore making it very close to almost like a hangover. It totally sucked. Sparkling grape juice totally sucks too. It reminded me why I hate wine.
4. Current Favorite song: Secrets by One Republic
5. Aria's favorite songs: Hey Soul Sister by Train and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

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