Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Need More Eye Drops

I am not entirely sure that food service should be in Aria's future. I don't think she'd be very good at it. For instance, as we are playing the widely popular game "cook", Aria the waitress does not come out to give me more apple juice until I yell that I need more apple juice. She then runs down the hall, squeezes the little cardboard apple juice box to fill my tiny, pink, plastic glass, and immediately runs away again.

Then there is the cooking. You may or may not get what you want, and she always fries it. Aria's kitchen is not for those who expect healthy alternatives or special orders. However, if you want state fair food, Aria's kitchen is perfect for that. She fries corn, peppers, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and muffins. Deep-fried muffins...yummy.

Then, being the devious little girl that she is, she drops the food on the floor, gives it to you, and then the game takes a turn for the worst. See, the corn just out of the frying pan is too hot and so I respond as such as I lift the tiny, yellow cob in my hands and scream that the corn is too hot. She laughs gleefully and when I ask for something else (like chicken for instance) I now get that and corn so that I may hypothetically burn my hands repeatedly. She giggles insanely every time, for Mama burning her fingers on corn is the funniest thing in all the world.

The Doctor game has gotten more complicated now. It is not a bathtime game in which we treat her bath squirter animals for all kinds of ailments like green tongue, tummy aches, ear infections, fever, and Aria's personal favorite pink eye. Dora always needs eye drops. I am pretty sure that she is overprescribing the eye drops as well because she just pours it in the girl's open eyeballs and then goes, "Oh, need more eye drops." Tummy hurt? You need eye drops. Green tongue? Well, you need eye drops. Aria has never before had eye drops.

Not feeling great today. Rod was sick the last few days and he gave his illness to me. Thanks, honey. It's that type of sick where you don't ache, but you are so tired, cold, and then the diarrhea comes. I am waiting until Aria gets the same thing. Then she'll be a little turd to deal with. However, she may also nap very well.

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