Friday, January 21, 2011

I Was Once Creative.

I recently just googled myself to discover that there are posts that I have made ten years ago still floating around the web. It is a good thing that I am basically a blunt and honest person, or else that could be very embarrassing. However, along with these old posts, I also rediscovered that in some little circles of the web, I used to be famous.

Like, take the Necronomicorn for instance. This is a Grim Reaper character I created ten years ago that has so much of a following that pony collectors halfway around the world know of him. I made three customs that I sent to various people, and he was even mentioned on a gamer girls website once. Nec is by far my most famous creation, and one I hold dear to my heart.

But then there was my Sorceror Hunters fansite. I would write fanfiction to keep at bay the longing for another VHS to be released. I recently discovered that on someone paid me homage to my New Reality series. Awww, that was so long ago. There I introduced the character of Meringue and created an alternate Sorcerer Hunters universe. I wrote lots of fanfiction back then. Sadly, all of those stories left with geocities, who hosted my only two webpages: Sorcerer Hunters Cabana and Beyond Dream Castle.

What can I say about BDC? It was popular enough to be known in the tiny pony community, and yet addictive enough to destroy marriages with its awesome rpg which went on for five years. BDC was so totally me with its different ponies and of course Nec's webpage where there was even more fanfiction and pictures.

Those were the days. Back when the geocities tool made anyone who didn't know html make a pretty decent site. Back when it was free to have your own fanpage. Back when I was still going to conventions and drooling over anime guys that looked like girls and were named after food.

Now I'm older and my obsessions are a bit more mature. Nec is still around, but on message board only. (Well, my shelf too since I do have a custom of the reaper myself.) Anime obsessions have been replaced with Heroes and many episodes of Dora and Diego. I did write one and a half Star Trek 2009 fanfictions which gets a few favorites and reviews. I am sure I will finish the other one once the new movie comes out. I write to feed my obsessions.

The net is a good place to remininsce. I saw photos of myself back when I had bangs and long hair at a pony convention. I saw my old avatars on message boards. I even saw my comment about how disappointed I was when 1 vs 100 got cancelled. I suppose that with the net I will never really have to leave my past. I can just google myself again and again and again.

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Julie said...

I know this is an old post so I hope you get this comment - I was one of the members of the Beyond Dream Castle RPG all those years ago and can't even tell you how many times I've googled it to try and find anything that was left of it. This was my first time having any real luck! I wrote Sweetbrooke's character and a couple others - still even have a half-written fanfiction sitting on my computer about her and the whole time-travel storyline we did. It's really the only RPG I ever got into and I still have fond memories! Do you know if anything's left of it? I never copied the posts into a word document and now wish I had. It's great to see you again on the net and I hope you're well!