Monday, January 17, 2011

January and my webshots is renewed!

Yeah, the title has nothing to do with my actual post, but I am happy it is renewed because it means that I can continue to use it and keep my pics.

I bought that spray foam soap that I saw in the store. I thought that Aria would like it. After all, I remember loving it when I was a kid, the whole few times that we got to use it. That was back when my sister and I would take a bath together and play when we were little and cute.

And when she got a big can of spray soap, she chooses to use it to make a big pile of soap and go, "It bigger!" Yes, honey, that's one big pile. She then used the cap to disperse of the soap. She rather liked it turned the water orange. The green one will be used next time.

Yes, Aria is actually playing the drums and no, it isn't on safe mode. Alex is helping her out and Daddy is saving her, but she's really playing. She loves her drum set and she likes to play with the big kids.

More winter activies: Lego Airport. When you've already built a zoo, a house, and homes for the little people animals, then it is time to make an airport. We've got the big control tower there and little airplanes on the right with their planes.


New Favorite song: Firework by Katy Perry. I always said that I liked her voice, now if she would just sing a song that I actually liked. Well, this is that song. Thank you, Katy, I can now actually enjoy you.

Rod got 100% on medium for Heart of Glass on Rockband 3 and issued me a challenge to beat him. Well, then I had to bring my A-game and I got 100% too. Ha ha!

Rod is home today because he ate a rice cake with msg in it. That was totally my bad because I wrongly assumed that because the first three kinds of cakes were fine with no msg that this cheese one would be too. Another reminder I need to read the labels ALL THE TIME for times like this that totally throw you off. It's things like this that make the Celiac diet difficult. It's because you simply cannot trust anything without reading labels and that one you miss will end up being the one to make you sick.

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