Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it Snow!

I have been waiting for a decent snow so that Aria and I could play in it. Not a vicious, horrible snow, but the snow that Iowa winters are known for-a lot of white fluffy snow and then the next day it is 40*. Well, it wasn't quite 40*, but it was in the mid twenties when we went out to play today.

Aria walked around for a little bit, and then discovered the joy of eating the snow. Ah, the soft, fluffy, cold wet snow-how delicious it is. Once she discovered snow could be eaten that is what she did when she wasn't throwing it around, putting it in her bucket, or making a snow mountain.

Then my rosy-cheeked little girl went out front with me to shovel the sidewalk. This is one of my least favorite things to do just because if I am at the front of my house, that's where I may actually run into a neighbor. Then they will bother me either with stupid questions or annoying requests that have nothing to do with anything.

Aria wanted to help shovel too, so I let her. She tried very hard and then told me it was too heavy and I got to do it again.

It's raining, Mama! It's raining! It's too cute to correct her.

The slide was covered with snow and Aria didn't want to go down it. Therefore, to show her how much fun it would be, I went down it. I slid down it, hit a patch of ice at the bottom and kept going! I slid on my knees til I reached the brick walkway. That didn't make Aria want to slide down it any more, I can tell you.

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