Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitchen fun!

You know what you do when you hate your kitchen? You wait for a sale at Menards and then you fix it! Finally we got tired of the stupid green seventies sink, the broken cabinets, the stains on the counter top, and the ugly white wall that shows every grease splatter from the stove.

Rod ripped out the old counter and sink on Monday. It was rotted at the bottom. The plumbing had been leaking again, which prompted the fixing. We decided that just once and for all we were going to replace all of it. I'd even get a new sink in the bargain. Wicked awesome.

It was all too easy to get. The area to put it in was exactly 6ft. The counter top was exactly 6 ft. Perfect. It always ticked me off the way that our cabinets were put in before. They were way too low and there was this space in the middle of all of them. There wasn't enough room because they got cabinets too small for the space that they were going.

When Rod ripped it out, I got to painting. I picked an orange/red color for my kitchen a long time ago and Vick and I had done one wall. Now I got to do another one!

There had been a huge hole in the back of our counters that we didn't know existed before. Great. I was sure that was where our roach problem was coming from-they were living in the wall! Rod wasn't going to patch it because he said it was just behind the counter and I had to explain to him why he needed to patch it. He did and then I painted over it. No holes in the wall!

Aria was whiny while we were working all week. It was "I'm hungry!" when she had food around her. "I'm thirsty!" when she had juice. She just wanted attention and we were busy. Rod had been bugging me about why couldn't I get stuff done around Aria and when she started crying hysterically because she wanted something and we were busy I said, "This is why. This is why it is difficult to work around Aria."

But when she wasn't being a whiny little brat, she was being very helpful. She used the tape measure to draw straight lines on a paper and told us she was making a fridge. She helped daddy by giving him tools. Then she wanted to saw, to hammer, and to hold things. She liked being helpful. She even threw stuff away for us, just before requesting Dora's Pirate Adventure for the 70 billionth time.

Now granted, the color of the counter top was not my first choice. It was just the best looking of what they had at the time. It also went with my color scheme. Also, the cabinets are actually really high, but that is because we have high ceilings. For now we are using a step stool to get to the cabinets, but if we get annoyed we will lower them some. I will have a stainless steel sink put in and then it will all be good!

We managed to salvage two of the old uppet cabinets and I am going to put them in other places in my kitchen. Then I plan on getting two more counters now that I know what size I want and the approximate cost. Eventually, I may have an actual kitchen instead of the weird thing that passed for a kitchen before.

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